Practicing execution on sf4 pc?

I have a laptop that I can take to work and get some practice in but the problem is its sf4. Is there a lot of timing differences on combos in sf4 and ssf4? This would also go for M Bison since I play him as well.

Thanks for the help.

You can practice on PC sf4 and be fine for super.

You plan on playing PC SF4 at work?

Yeah I still practice on PC Vanilla SF4 sometimes and as far as cammy goes I see no difference. The one frame links seem a little easier to pull of w/o the PS3 lag but that could be all in my head. Just be ready to sigh as you get 500+ damage from CS->FADC backdash->Ultra lol

so… where exactly do you work?

The only difference I’ve seen is cammys U1 damage distribution. I just switched to super and it feels the same. I also feel like my footsies work better but that just may be self improvement in the works.

The timing for combos are the same for ssf4 and sf4. Just make sure that the game is running on 60 fps. There’s an fps display option in the option screen of the game.