Practicing on ggpo

does ggpo online practice translate to arcade/console matches? cause i want to learn a ton of games but im afraid it would be like practicing bad habits and would only hurt me in tournaments. what are some thoughts on this?

It will tend to impair your game in real life, what with lag being anonymous, but if you have no alternative it isn’t horrible.

GGPO is the closest thing to offline play.

That still isn’t saying a whole lot.

I’ve played HDR extensively as well as mvc2 online along with a slew of other net play games. GGPO is by far the best exp I’ve had. Now, ggpo doesn’t run jojo\3s that well but thats mainly due to the cps3 emulation iirc. Games like ST, VS, kof 98\02 all work extremely well.

Prior to ggpo, we had this bump ass netcode present in cvs2 on OG xbox. That shit was asssssssssss. Input delay up the ass for days. So yea IMO, it is saying a whole lot if you compare where we were 10 years ago.

the great thing about GGPO is that OG’s for many of the games play. Kuroda plays 3s ggpo, all though this game takes a good computer to use properly. Valle\watts\roybisel\hugo101\DGV\wolfe brothers\jumpsuit jesse\cigarbob\aniken the japanese ken player along with other japanese OG’s… so many OG’s on for super turbo and they all give great advice and are always willing to help. Even a game like VS has the japanese gods playing like 0-bee and ddsasquatch.

where else could you play some of the greatest in the world w\o having to leave your house? that amount of information\skill you can acquire through GGPO is unmeasurable.

GGPO is great, pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to an offline experience online, there is practically no input delay. You will get hiccups though, if the connection is very bad (unstable, above 120ms) you might get some rollback and things like that.

That said nothing beats offline play, you should go for that whenever/if possible.

Just make sure you do 2 things:

  1. Don’t ever compromise on match quality. Only play the people you get the least laggy games with. If no one of them is online ATM, don’t play at all. Getting bad habits is not worth it.
  2. Avoid habits that you know that tend to work online better than offline like spamming DPs and mashing jabs. Even if it gets you wins online, you should avoid doing it knowing it’s an “online habit”.

That’s why veteran players get better from online more than newbies, cuz they know what online means and how to deal with it.

GGPO is excellent for practice. Even for third strike its at least decent. I use to think online 3s was godlike, until I went to an arcade and played.

GGPO never seemed to have any lag at all aside from the hiccups where everyone is forzen for a second rather than lagging your inputs.

But, I’m no vet so maybe I just don’t notice it.

i’ve been on ggpo since the beginning when a2 was the only game.

  • I believe ggpo uses additional frame skipping. If ggpo isn’t using additional frame skipping, something is causing it to do that.
  • everyone knows about the roll backs
  • There also seems to be SMALL input delay, maybe 1 frame? its hard to notice when you play ST but when you play the faster games its noticeable.

yes, you can use online tactics to beat someone. However, if you’re trying to get better, don’t play like that. Pretty simple. If someone is using online tactics to win, remember it will hurt you in the long run if try to stoop down to that level. If someone beats me like that, I just shrug it off and try to not let them abuse online tactics. 99% of the time, these types of players suck anyway. The good players are always playing like they would in a tournament.

with the additional frame skipping, its almost impossible to counter hit properly. In ST, the good players throw out shorts in combination in mediums\fierces during footsies. However, they don’t fully animate all the time. @ times, maybe 80% of the moves total animation is displayed. Basically, to counter hit someone online, you have to be faster than offline which is a bonus. You’re training above the level of the game. its annoying mid game when you’re trying to CH someone but I prefer it that way. Its like weight resistance training.

I’m not sure about only playing people with a good connection. The higher in ping you go, the more unstable the connection is going to be. However, said person you’re trying to connect to might be VERY good. I played aniken more than once on ggpo along with other ST and vampire savior OG’s from japan, the knowledge I gained by fighting them helped me tons. Even though the connection wasn’t as good compared to a USA one, witnessing their methodology is something that can’t be seen through video’s entirely. Its something you have to gain by playing them. Pretty much every decent USA player in VS plays against japan. This is how we leveled up in the game. We could of played each other and gotten to that point but playing those guys on a regular basis, then using USA connections to work on what we learned helped immensely. Some of our better GGPO USA VS players actually beat the upper mid tier japan players. IMO, playing the gods even when the connection is ass is still a valuable lesson.

as far as the hiccups go, those small things can really fuck you over. Take ST for example since most people have played that game. Reversals are 1 frame in that game. When the game hiccups on the frame of your reversal window, you don’t see the window. You have to basically bank on your timing to do it right because the visual cues can throw you off.

250ms is about my limit. I try not to exceed that.

depends on what you’re practicing

I definitely leveled up in ST on GGPO, but then HDRemix came out and I stopped playing for some reason. I guess no real life tournaments took away the desire.

Nothing except proper (offline) play will ever measure right up to proper (offline) play and everyone smart already knows this, but GGPO is sooo good, man. Like soooooo good.

Assuming a relatively good connection with your opponent–low ping, low loss, whatever–I would have a hard time believing that practicing on GGPO has “leveled down” anyone’s game ever.

I was comparing to offline play, of course technology advances over the years.

Yeah, I agree. My game improved dramatically on GGPO. You do have to adjust to the bit of lag that you can get, and I really, really despise spectators at times (especially when you win one match or something, and the guy talks some shit on the main chat, and then midway through the 2nd match 10 people suddenly spec, and then 2 more keep dropping and re-entering). The people for most of the games are cool; the 3S and Super Turbo people are great. The Garou area can get a little weird. The people on Last Blade 2 and Samurai Shodown 2 are very elitist though. Everyone else is great.