Practicing parrying using system direction

would it be a good idea to practice parrying with a handicap by adjusting the “parrying input time” in the console version’s System Direction?

iirc the default is 2 stars. what i’m expecting;

  • 1 star: i have less time to input the parry before a move hits. this is the main reason i’m considering this. expected problem; if i input a parry way too early, i’d probably have time to input another parry before a move hits - eg tapping d, d might result in a successful low parry under 1 star, where under default i would’ve eaten the move due to the need to go into a neutral state for a short time (right?).

  • 3+ stars. i think the problem with this is more obvious. tho the problem of parrying d, d mentioned above is removed, the benefits of increased time outweigh the handicaps.

so should i just stick to 2 stars? i’m thinking that taking it to 1 star would be a good way to start learning how to red parry more consistently.

But the timing would be different. You’d be learning something just to have to re-learn it.

Just go to parry training and start by red parrying something slow. Master that and move up. Then apply what you’ve learned into matches as much as possible. Who cares if you get your ass kicked a couple times. You’re learning something that will hook your game up.

That’s what I think anyway. But what do I know, I play with Yang.:rolleyes:

just practice on 2 stars…

red parrying? Learn these: Superifreball, ex fireball, Ken back+mk, and Dudley hcf+p

those are like, beginning stuff

ow try to redparry xx fireball too

yep… the timing would be different, but for the most part my timing should end up tighter (less reliance on really early/lucky parries). whether that’s a good thing is debatable, but i think readjusting to make use of the extra leeway when going back from to 2 stars (from 1) would only be a small problem. it might also make red parrying stuff like the first hit of the second wave of Chun’s SA2 more natural.

but i think i’m gonna put this endeavor on hold. i just realized how much i relied on those “really early” parries - eg tapping down, then forward, after Sean’s hurricane kick gives me a low parry very often.