Practicing technical stuff and getting it consistently

How do you guys practice technical stuff from different games until you get it consistenly? (fflys, roll cancels, custom combos, infinites, rom, 1~3 frame links this kind of stuff, psychics or reaction dps on st)

Is such a thing as NEVER (like 9,5 out of 10) getting this kind of stuff wrong? How do you guys build a practice routine? Getting the hang of it on practice mode and then forcing you to pull it off on matches or do you train on practice on variable recorded situations by the dummy?

At the moment i’m training charged roll cancels and sometimes i get frustrated cause i force me to get 10 out of 10 and rarely this happens, but it’s still day 2, so i was wondering this questions that ive posted.


Just keep practicing in practice mode, practice it in VS mode whenever you can – just do it as much as you can anytime that you’re playing where your money isn’t on the line (and probably in any situation where if you lose, you’ll be off the game for a good while).

practice makes perfect…end of discussion…

perfect practice makes perfect.

Just force yourself to practice the very thing you practice in training mode, in versus. Be it casual or serious play. It’s one thing to do it in training mode, and another to do it in an actual match. Practice the technical thing so it becomes a point of muscle memory, then earn the confidence to do it in versus. It’s a process, often long, sometimes short.

You guys are not getting the point. The discussion is not about if practicing leades to results or perfection.

I’m interested in the different ways that you can practice stuff, and how do you guys practice those things in the game, how do you simulate situations, even in games with non-recordable dummys and this kind of stuff. The differences between training mode and during fighting practices and so on.

Edit: Its just like krsjin talked about it, that kind of stuff. (i think i’ve posted while he was posting it so i was only able to read it after, so im editing.)

Oh lol, I didn’t fully read your initial post I guess, thought I had but began reading replies.

For all my really technical stuff hmm…

I myself do a thing where I go for 5 in a row from each side, if I miss, I have to reset. Then bump it up to 10. Then when I feel I’m good at it, or proficient, I do the same thing again, only if I mess up, I force myself to do pushups or crunches haha.

Like you, I get frustrated too, many times. And there’s times where it feels like if the more I practice this one thing, the worse it becomes and I have to take a break. I think frustration is generally a good sign in things you like/are passionate about, cause it’s usually that frustration that will push you on to become better. Either that, or it will make you quit. That moment of decision is what seperates some from others I suppose.