Practicing the Critical Combo


It seems kinda tough to practice critical combos in KOF12. I’m in practice mode, MAX CC gauge and dummy action is light punch. I keep getting hit out of standing C attacks, however. Is there a better, more consistent setup for practicing critical combos?

On the subject, does anyone have the list Arcadia Magazine put together of the best Critical Combos per character?


Turn on counter in practice options right above max cc.

I found this somewhere (in a topic here I think, and saved to notepad, so thanks whoever originally posted the following:)

*Highest-damage CC for every character: I’ll ‘translate’ some more of these later.

If you need meterless CC, they are on each character’s individual page on the sidebar under the yellow text in front of the green background.

Best CCs - some of these might be a little off but I think they are correct.

Ralf: d/f+A xx qcb+C, qcfx2+P, d/f+A, CD xx qcb+C, qcb+C, f+C [68%]

Shen: qcfx2+P, stand C xx qcf+C, CD xx qcf+C~qcf+K, close D [66%]

Ryo: dp+C, qcf+P, f,hcf+P, dash, qcf+P, CD xx hcb+D~D, f,b,f+C [65%]

Terry: d/f+C xx qcb+C, qcb,hcf+P, f+A xx CD xx qcb+D, charge d,u+C [65%]

Clark: [d/f+A xx f+B+D] x3, j.C,j.C, close D xx d/f+A xx hcbx2+P [62%]

Iori: [qcb+B] x3, j.C, stand C xx hcf+C, dash, CD xx dp+C, qcf,hcb+P [62%] <-- I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to dash under them after the hcf+C

Kyo: f+B xx qcb,hcf+P, rdp+B, CD xx qcf+D~D, hcb+K [62%]

Joe: [f+B xx hcf+A] x2, j.D,j.D, close C xx CD xx qcfx2+P [61%]

Ash: b+D, dash, [b+B] x2, j.D,j.D, close D xx CD xx charge b,f+C, qcfx2+K [59%]

Leona: f+B, [charge d,u+A] x3, jump, qcf,hcb+P [59%]

Robert: f+B xx f+A xx dp+C, dp+A, dash, dp+A, CD xx qcf,hcb+P [58%]

Andy: f+A xx qcb+A, f+A, j.D,j.D, close C xx f+A xx qcb,hcf+K [56%]

Duolon: [f+B] x3, j.B,j.D, close D xx qcb,hcf+P [56%]

Kim: [charge d,u+B] x3, qcb+B, CD xx qcb,d/b,f+K [56%]

Raiden: charge d/b,f+C, crouch C, [charge d/b,f+C] x2, CD, CD xx dp+P [54%]

Benimaru: [f+B] x3, j.Bj.C, close C xx qcf+P, qcfx2+P [53%]

Daimon: close C, [close D] x5, j.C,j.C, close C xx hcbx2+P [48%]*


nupoe (and whoever originally posted the Arcadia list), thank you!! Now I can work on my custom combos with ease.

(this thread could be locked if a mod wanted to. it’s good info, though.)


I think I’ve done more damage than that with Andy. I don’t think those are accurate.


I wouldn’t be surprised. These came from an arcadia scan. Feel free to add any more damaging and easier same damage, meterless, etc. We might be able to compile a decent CC list for all character to make a sticky/reference list…


They were like week 1 combos from Arcadia. Really wouldn’t surprise me if there were better combos now.



I honestly could care less about the most damaging CCs, I’ll just end up playing it by ear. I’d rather do something different each time rather than do the same one over and over. It also leads to new CCs, and if everyone uses the same CC over and over I’d get tired of it quick.


boring sucks :tdown:


im gonna do the same one everytime


wtf why gimp yourself by not doing the optimal combo?

mashers = winners?


Can’t seem to get the last part of Kyo’s to land.


either im blind or I didnt see kensous : [


that last part for kyo is kinda tough in the corner. I can get the timing 90% of the time out of the corner though. Just for the the opponent to fall a little before u execute the command. However, not sure if instead of doing hcb+ D, will doing another qcf+D ->dp C would do more damage. The timing for this is pretty strict though. The target cant be too high or too low after the CD.


Meterless for Andy in the corner.

CC>A version Elbow x2>C Version Elbow x2>CD>D Version Kuuhadan>C Shoryudan

It’s like 60% Or 513 damage on whatever scale their lifebars are. I have no idea what they are at. I think 900 or 800 but I’m not sure.

Super at the end adds like 3-5% I think. I need to try it. I’ll do that now.


A question about critical counters and charge characters. But does the duration for the execution of charge moves diminish (Ala, VIsm of A3)? Or do you still have to complete the charge even during the CC?


Still need to charge.




This video should help you guys trying to do those critical combos:

it has most of them listed there. For the Iori combo, the guy dosent dash behind him btw. Hope it helps


Yeah just glancing at this list, lots of stuff looks dated in some way. We need some arcade vets to hook us up with the current hotness.


Or we could just watch some KOFXII videos…
DandyDLC has some videos of players doing some sick CC that does at least 50% of their life.

Dang, and I thought I was happy with 30%! >_>