Practicing w/ pshop

what do you guys think?

Heh. nice. Looks like an evil pill for Dr. Mario.

looks really nice. gj!

This is a really cool concept man! My only tip would be use the old layer of color underneath your color layer to make it look a tad more solid. And instead of drawing the reflection, use an airbrush in Photoshop to suggest it.

Looking cool man! Make a cool character for a T-shirt or some Graph art

it was done on a grey background. it is totally solid color. i brought it back to the white paper after to show it next to the inked ones.
i agree w/ the drawing of the reflection. but it was there. i know i could easily get rid of it…maybe i’ll try.

Another reason why I hate taking medicine.

SFMC gave us SRKers a really cool Tutorial in Photoshop. Ages ago It’ll still be here if you do a search I guess. Anyways I meant by putting a block color under your color layer. Then making the color layer a bit see through (70 - 80%) It just helps unify all the tones I reckon. Your picutre doesn’t NEED it. But I just thought it might help you out a bit.

Anyways the effext looks like this.
Like this.

It was the best Photoshop tip I ever got. And again I owe SFMC for it.

yup i have that thread saved on my other comp. it showed the pic of cammy. i remember and did use that technique. :slight_smile:

Thats pretty good. Someone already addressed the drawn in highlight that must go. Your shape could use some more defining and darker shadows won’t hurt :slight_smile: