Practicing with TE Stick. Training Mode or Online?

Should I practice in training or online? I’ve had it for one day now and been wondering this. I practiced in training at first and made myself practice moves on Dan until I could deplete his health fully without regenerating. If I failed to do so in a attempt, I had to let it regenerate and use that version of the move repeatedly until I succeeded. However, I need to be able to do the motions in online too obviously. I tried doing Ryu’s trials and got from Normal 1 to Hard 3. Thought I had gotten really good with the TE stick because of this, but went into training and found out that I was horrible with the stick still. I couldn’t pass Hard 3 because Ryu’s ultra gives me extreme execution problems on the TE stick. However, I don’t think I practiced it at all in training. Regardless, to get to the point…Should I practice in training or online while adapting to the TE stick?

When I was adjusting to a stick, I would practice everything important in training mode over and over and over again until I had a pretty high success rate pulling things off on a training dummy. After the training session, I’d play a bunch of player matches and try to apply the things I was practicing, but now in a pressure situation. During the matches, I’d observe my screw-ups – those screw-ups are the things I would go back and practice in training mode the next time I booted up my Xbox.

Rinse and repeat.

You’ll get it. :slight_smile:


to adapt to the stick, you have to use it all the time. forget about your controller.

I haven’t touched my controller since I got TE stick though.

Yea just use it. Took me about a week to get used to it enough.

It was so funny when I would panic every time I get crossed up cause I got lost in the controls and buttons lol :rofl:

Since you use ryu it may help you to get a octagonal gate instead of using the square gate.

Everyone uses a square gate though. Same with arcades. What if I ever want to begin playing at arcades then?

Just stick with the square gate, you’ll get the ultra down sooner or later.

Stick with it, if you don’t mind losing, play online Player matches, asides from that, work on execution. Much of this is just practice and getting comfortable with this new control style.

Yeah the square gate will come natural eventually. I couldn’t do much on it when I first started using a stick and now it’s second nature… once you develop the muscle memory it’s nothing.

Develop the muscle memory in training mode. It’ll be hard to do that AND react to what your opponent is doing at the same time.

I may just get a octagonal gate. Since, technically a square gate is ultimately just limiting me when it comes to shoto inputs.

Not really. I use square and I never miss srk motion. Ok, I may miss sometimes, but I easily hit 95% of them.

SRK is pretty easy for me to do, but the Hados and especially ultra/super destroys me on a square gate. Hurricane Kick is incredibly easy to do too on a square.

you have to give it time, eventually you wont even realize that there is a square there.

Not to mention the equalness of setting off the microswitches means that in the end you will become able to do motions much faster than the bumper riders of the octogon and circle restrictors.

another plus…if you can play on a square you can play on any of them.

Thanks for the response, but already ordered the octagonal gate. So, no turning back now. One question though, is there a tutorial that explains switching gates?

There’s a video on youtube. I’ve heard the saying that it is so easy a one handed retard could switch out gates in less than 5 seconds.

Thanks. Good to hear then. Not too tech savvy myself to be honest.

So easy, don’t be afraid to mix it up and go back to the square gate. I routinely switch it back and forth, just because I like to use my friend’s sticks, and they all use square gates. It isn’t so much about how hard it is, but just sticking with it. The more you work at it, the less it is a problem. I switched to a octagonal gate so I KNEW I was hitting forward or up when I went to execute a charge move. Now it doesn’t matter because I just know where to hit on both of them. For that first bit of time, it was frustrating, but you’ll get it just like I did. Trust me on this one, because I am a terrible slow learner. I still don’t always get of M c.M Upball with blanka, because I am not actively thinking about it. Another week or two though, it’ll be in the bag.