Practicle Way of starting up the infinite W/O assists



Ok, this came to me while in training on my DC, there IS a way to start this up with a variation of the reset, in the corner, its like this: S.FK, SJ.LP,SJ.LK,SJ.MP,Air Throw( BEWARE THE ALMIGHTY TECH HIT),PAUSE,(While Falling)SJ.LK(MOST IMPORTANT, This SHOULD stall the opponent at about normal jump height, SJ.LP doesnt work cause it sets them TOO high) then normal jump and do the infinite ( Jump, J.LP,J.MP,J.FP, Land, Repeat ) The timing for the infinite is a bitch but if you master it your set, This also works off a guard break, but that can be countered by airdashes and other shit so I wouldnt risk it