Praise for Killer Instinct from a Beginner


Hi guys, I’m more or less a beginner at fighting games. Been playing competitively for almost a year now. By “competitively” I mean approaching it with a competitive mindset, and working to understand how the “technology” works.

I’d like to give kudos to Killer Instinct!

1: Many counter options makes the game feel balanced.

Of course I’m a beginner, so I may not know the whole scope of what I say, but this game does have a handful of “reversal” mechanics that typically offers a losing player a chance for a turnabout! Combo breakers, Shadow counter, and I’ve sometimes seen some kind of reversal lockout (has anybody else seen something like that? I believe they are called Counter Breakers…)

2: Combos are relatively easy to perform.

One thing that really bolstered my motivation to get into fighting games was watching all those acrobatic 25-50 hit combos!

It seems relatively easy to do long combos in KI, so they balanced that out by letting the other player Combo Break. So there we go! I get that acrobactic “like a boss” feeling real quick!

3: Its so new!!

Yeah! For super skilled players, and for not-so-skilled players, KI is a new game that offers some intuitive ways to help players learn the new mechanics. I don’t know how to correctly go into details about this… hopefully some of you guys can fill in my blanks ;).

  1. Passive abilities.

Man, when I see a “Instinct” ability spring into action, the game just yells at me, “Look how unique this character is.” It really let’s each character show their sense of style AND contribute to the gameplay at the same time.

So what about you guys? What awesome stuff have you noticed about KI’s game structure? Well, I want to hear about it!


I played it cause it was the only playable game on Xbone at launch and I agree with you, it’s got a lot of appeal. I wish I was better at fighters, but this game is definitely fun and the netcode is apparently pretty good.