Praising alex .....( strats )

i dunno man …
i’ve been seeing big 3s tourneys japanese video clips …which held in 2003
you know what … alex owns !! god !! i’ve been seeing contestant owning up top tiers with alex …

this 1 is the best …with SA 2
" feign meaty "

makoto was down , alex dashes and mk , which misses , makoto counters with hp as got up THEN alex cancel the move to a super

anymore tips …

damn i like fooling people with jump-in lp then follow up with power-bomb

and i also see a clips of yun VS alex … that 1 owns …alex wins ! when alex cornered with genei-jin as yun walk-close to use throw… * BUMP! * he got stomped by alex … and twice !

Check your PM inbox

thanks Jmar …

damn is it scrubby to use stun-gun :bluu: ?

no, you’re scrubby if the stun-gun gets you.

god damn is awesome to use stun gun during wake up …many average players can’t escape …

which actually doing shoryu to stop it

I’ve seen shotos stop that during wakeup’s with either their own ex dp or say a punk ass ken with his SA2 out of nowhere…it’s good to wake them up “unexpectedly”, as in delay the Stun Gun right before they jump into you so you don’t get hit while they come down, but then again they can DP you…so that’s a risk.

Alex is fun to play with nonetheless, tho I’d prefer to use his SA2 not only for his super but for his EX…plus you can pump up the guage easier than possibly the rest of his SA’s

Most likely you can do a j. deep frce and if they block–> Powerbomb…or even worse, if it hits them, you do a st. jab- then to powerbomb…Most likely it’s best to mix up what he has, cuz you can even faze them w. a st. short if blocked to a random DDT out in the open and they can’t do anything, unless they’re quick and they can counter that…

His EX stomp’s quick so you can even charge that while you dash W/ elbow (either one), just like KSK did in one of his later matches via EVO 2k3.

Overall, mix up w/ him even vs. shotos and you can def go far