Pre 04 Third Strike scene

Since many people jumped on the Third Strike bandwagon after witnessing Daigo’s parry in EVO 04. I was wondering how was the early scene like for the people who were their, what was the difference between 3s back before 04 and now?

Try and imagine the scene as it is now, except Daigo hadn’t done the full parry… Kind of like that…

I was playing before the whole parry video nonsense just not competitive like I am now. Only reason I started going to tourneys was because when I became a Freshmen in college a few years ago, players on campus held some tourneys which fueled me to started going to more etc.

there wasn’t one

Don’t you mean pre-02, before the USA vs Japan event at Evo2k2? I thought that’s what really started the scene. Daigo parry just attracted most a ton of casual players.


daigo parry didnt change much of anything in the scene. that would belong to tokido at evo 2k2 vs justin at the 3s usa vs japan 2. the daigo parry just made a lot of non sf players stand up and take notice that there was a sf3 and more people just started playing more casually.

the tokido shit is what really brought the game to life in the US. that and the original usa vs japan. We finally started to see what 3s was really about.

daigo parry did little for the competitive scene

I think back in the year 2000, 3rd strike was dominated by Alex Valle, Eddie Lee and Hsien Chang in the US.

I didn’t hear about Hsien until he won a tournament in California (might have gotten 2nd, I can’t remember). But I think he beat Valle in that tournament.

At MWC Eddie Lee won the tournament beating both Valle and Hsien.

Then at B4, Valle and Hsien trained up some anti-Eddie Lee tactics. Valle placed 1st and Hsien 2nd at B4.

There was a US vs Japan 4 vs 5 matchup that same year. The US team consisted of Mike Watson, Eddie Lee, Alex Valle and Hsien Chang. It was a round robin style, and out of 20 matches, the US only had 1 win under their belt from Alex Valle.

In 2001 at B5 3rd strike was left off the card.

In 2002, Evo 2k2 had a Japan vs US 5 on 5. But there was no singles tournament.


so you mean it attracted 3rd strike’s core demographic

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