PRE-COOPERATION CUP and COOPERATION CUP 2016. Tokyo, Japan. January 9-10

Signups officially started. It’s going to be a good time.

Teams will be posted here when they become available.

Attendees from abroad:

Pherai aka JP aka gloryhole
Igloo bob



If im missing any please let me know. Confirmed only (99%>) :slight_smile:

gonna find some hot bitch’s house to live in and fuck her brains out to pay the rent while I’m there

Pherai you should film the same type stuff you did years back with the game versus visit vid. Maybe do a podcast? Nobodys done a podcast about 3s in ages and yours (if you forget the audio quality :slight_smile: ) were pretty good. More on topic: Are they doing the same character teams again this time?

thanks bro! I do have a few things from last year but i havent been able to upload them yet. hopefully me rydawg and dan can put something together this year!

Some dudes from Austin will be attending Coop Cup. Probably around 5 people or maybe more. Just a heads up for anybody looking out for other American 3S players. I think Trevor (I’m assuming Trevor from Austin) probably knows exactly who is coming from Austin.

I’m not going though, already went to Tokyo during Halloween :neutral:

I should be there, I’ll have to get in touch with you guys. I suck though.

Can’t wait. Social event of the year. If you don’t come you’re a square.

is Niga KO going

This will be my first time in Japan so you guys will have to show me where to get some good beer in my system.

Sup Y’all, if anybody needs to be on a team we have two-slots to fill. So far it’s myself, B.Rob and Mami – All Nor-cal Natives.

PM me if you wanna join!

Team Milk men is
Jon aka Pherai
Ben aka Karapalm
Lance aka IglooBob

Sorry I dunno Nate and Trevor’s online names

We also got a half formed pre coop team:
Gavin aka Buhtsmelz
Carson aka KevinTempura
Lance aka IglooBob

If you know two more Chuns who need a pre coop team hit us up

I wanna call us Team Mothra

Its team Milky Boys!!

The team from Austin is looking for another player. They are at 4 players and are looking for one more for Coop Cup so, if anybody knows a player that needs a team then let me know.

Also one Austin player is looking for a Necro team for Pre-Coop Cup so let me know as well if there is an opening. Thanks in advance.

I would love to join a team for coop but I’m not sure how I’ll fare against such high level competition. If anyone needs to fill a spot, I’m down.

Do you need to buy tickets to this or do you just show up? I don’t want to play, just be in the audience. I can take the 2hr flight to Tokyo.

2500 yen per player, free for spectators.

Also I think the team list is filling up on the site.
I’m surprised that there aren’t more teams up yet. I don’t see MILKY BOYS.

Team Blackbelt looking strong for the pre- event.

32■ ケン・マスターズ (ケン×5)
ヒライ(KE) 紫衣(KE) ボス(KE) マツケン(KE) 弟子犬KFG(KE)

oh my

So just trying to help out my friends, they need 2 people for Pre-Coop and 1 person for Coop.

It will most likely be a Ken or Dudley Pre-Coop team and they just need one more for Coop.


Deadline is on dec 20 23:59 Japan time. I hope everyone can find their teams before then.