Pre ecc break tourney results


  1. jmar
  2. demon hyo
    like 40 people if you know the rest fill it in

cvs2 (12 people)

  1. josh wong
  2. john
  3. jb
  4. rob sigley
  5. moose
  6. ??


fuckza its mr.impossible… good shit brandon and josh wong…

good shit

i thought there were only like, 22 pple for mvc2. tho w/e

top 5 mvc2

  1. Jmarr
  2. Demon Hyo
  3. Myself
  4. Erik Smoothviper
  5. Duc Jr/Josh WOng

Me vs Brandon Winners bracket i win 2-1, with commando comeback when he goes for hailstorm with no meter : )
losers finals 3-2 brandon beats me in very good fights
-J marr beats me 3-0 in winners finals by pulling impressive victories out of his ass at the end
-Josh wong beasting on Josh Wigfall with MSP like never before to win, then Erik beating josh with santhrax 2-0
-Mike infinite choking up 3 games he should have won to J marr in winners
Grand Finals 4-3 Jmarr over brandon with jmarr landing 3 sucessful sentinal unblockables in a row at the end to win a very close final game, vids will probably be posted soon, since people had cameras.

Peace bitches

Show um how you like it Duc Jr…show um how u like it…

Hopefully Ill be leaving tonight…

Good shit Justin…

Reset man what’s up with you going to ecc? Is it for sure yet or what? Gotta go rep

jmar wins pre ecc tourney two years in a row.

That’s my nigga Justin…

Show em how we do it in SanBern…

All jmar is a H.D.N “helper dependant nigga”

good shit jmar my nigga!

good shit duc jr, hopefully, cali won’t settle for just 5th at ecc though. someone needs to get at least top 3 or 4, to dispel the notion ny>seattle>cali. c’mon nick, give em the ugliness.

Good shit Jmar! <3 your MSS =].