Pre ECC philly Results

All and all the with the exception of time delays and a fire alarm, the tournament went pretty well. Thanks for all who came and hope to see you at the next one

1st. D.Hyo- Santhrax, and Mag/IM/Sent
2nd. JoshW.- Msp, Scrub, storm
3rd. Bryheem- Scrub, Spiral/cable/sent

1st. Wayne Rivers - Ken SA3
2nd. Dream- Chun-li SA2
3rd. Josh W. Urien SA3

1st. Josh W.- Rock//Blanka//Sagat
2nd. Matt- Ken//Sagat//Blanka
3rd. Damian-

Soul Calibur 3
1st. Neo DX 90- Lizardman//Astroth
2nd. Ignatz- Seigfred
3rd. Tib- Kilik

Tekken 5
1st. Josh W- Steve
2nd. Buddy- Bryan
3rd.Sean - Christie//Bryan

1st. Josh W- Eddie//Sol
2nd. D.Hyo- Baiken//Slayer
3rd.Neo Dx 90- Ky

Will finish updateing later for now thats all i can remember off the top of my head.

The teams for marvel were.

Me- Santhrax, and Mag/IM/Sent

Josh W. Msp, Scrub (Runaway storm OWNZ the game)

Bryheem. Scrub, Spiral/cable/sent

I am still kinda tired, but the only bad thing about the tournament was that it ran too late and people had to lose on purpose or quit early. Some of it was our fault cause we came late waiting for people, but yea…

Now for the good stuff… That cyberzone place rocked! It had that AWSOME lan setup and the computers were TOP-NOCH with amd64’s baby! So you had the Fighting game side for tournaments and the computer side for your FPS crack!

Everyone there was awsome and we all had a great time! We truly look foward to coming back there for more tournaments, and I already have some people interested in coming to the next one. I’ll truly put the word out there!

I somehow got really good in 3s somehow after just being a LAME Justin type player. (I sware I still suck 0.0) Josh W has a sick URIEN! Wayne’s Ken does soo many tap’s it’s insane! We all must get some more casual matches in.

Josh W is too much with eddie in GGXX and he beat me 4 out of 7 2 sets in the GF. Close matches but overall he got the better of me. Good games man!

Sam, Wayne, Henry, and everyone else I met there, you guys are very awsome! The hospitality was very great and it was just better than being at the break! You had a mall to walk around in, a good few women here and there and those blacklights rocked! Felt like I was in the future or something.

I’ll try to get the ggxx, and mvc2 vids up as soon as possible.

good tourneys, I had lots of fun, but Tib didn’t compete in GGXX. I was the Ky that got 3rd.

and Ignatz got 2nd in SC3, Tib got 3rd.

My mistake its been corrected

nice tournament. its great how we played through the fire.

Yeah fuck that fire it got pwnd.

:lol: That was funny when we did that.

Good shit with XX Josh.


ggs everyone thx to dream for takin my 10 w/ superior technology, thx to brandon for being late and making me forfeit cvs2/3s, thx to the fire for ushering out thousands of jailbate zombies into the parking lot and gridlocking shitza… nahh shit was dope i’ll be back…

haha yeah shame we never got to run that back in the 3S tourny. ggs tho shit was fun.

i’m curious about the fire. What happened? and why was Josh playing through it? unless it wasn’t that big of a fire maybe?

There was a fire in the mall and it was evacuated at the same time of the Tekken5, 3S and CvS2 finals//GF but we decided fuck that, and kept playing

lol good shit.

damn now that’s dedication.

Ok! I have the vids on my PC now, so I just need Preppy to upload them to his site when he gets a chance. It’s the mvc2 vids.

LOL! I thank all of those who gave me much respect for playing the entire tournament on a dreamcast PAD. It was tough…

I need to make a trip down to PHILLY, miss that Damn city a lil’. Newark is SO Dry!!! Thats why Im constantly runnin’ to New York.


im the best testament player in the country and i dont live too far from from philly, i just totally forgot. someone aim me or pm me next time you guys play and i will come down ;p. i also play cvs2, 3s, st<3

Preppy should have the vids up by thursday.

Nice i will be viewing them right away lol.


too much hype even on the pad!