Pre ECC Philly Tournament PartII April 22nd at cyberzone in Neshaminy mall

Location: 230 Neshaminy Mall
Bensalem, PA 19020
Inside the mall at Cyberzone

April 22nd Starts at 1PM
Ok so lets do this again. With as much fun as the last one was this one should be even better. Everyone pretty much had a great time and the matches were great. The only thing im going to have to say is lets get the matches started on time for this one. Everything will get rolling at around 1PM, casuals will be played just as last time on open stations. Everything will be on Ps2 includeing MVC2. So bring your own sticks//controllers or know someone who has one that you can use, and as always Pre Registration is always nice. My Email is For imformation, directions, or pre-registration contact me there.

Unfourtently the arcade will not be able to provide us with the DR machine. So we will either figure out DR or it will be T5 on the ps2

Registration Fee 10$ and 10$ per tournament. If anyone can prepay please contact me about that.


3S Starts at 2PM
2 out of 3 Matches
3 out of 5 Semi-Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
No Pauseing during tournament play
No game freezeing glitches

CvS2 Starts at 3PM
2 out of 3 Matches
2 out of 3 Semi-Finals
3 out of 5 Grand Finals
No pauseing during tournament play
Winner must keep team order but may change grove

MVC2 Starts at 4PM
2 out of 3 Matches
3 out of 5 Semi-Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
No pauseing during tournament play
No Button Mapping
No game freezeing glitches

GGXX Starts at 5PM
2 out of 3 Matches
3 out of 5 Semi-Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
Winner may change superart but must keep charc.
No button mapping
No pauseing during tournament play

Soul Calibur 3 Starts at 6PM
2 out of 3 Matches
3 out of 5 Semi-Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
No Button mapping
No game freezeing glitches
No pauseing during tournament play

Tekken 5 Starts at 6PM
2 out of 3 Matches
3 out of 5 Semi-Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
No Button mapping
No game freezeing glitches
No pauseing during tournament play

So lets get out there again for this one. Once again my email address is any information you need, i can be contacted there or AIM me Pimpin121085. Hope to see you all there for this one.

Last time it was great, I’ll try to make it again. This time, I’ll bring slash over (I should have it by then, since I preordered it).

ya i’m going shhhhh don’t tell brandon or heem… or julien… or 50cent… in fact change the title to “GAY PLACE TO READ BOOKS” or something…

Lol thats just to funny

don’t be retarded…that tourney was THE stupidest excuse for anything resembling a tournament. Considering how ANY competition for ANY game came from philly…sigh, the fact that people weren’t floated so in the same rounds we wouldn’t had to have nesh vs. nesh and philly vs. philly and…sigh…$10 entry fee and $10 to play tourney!!! And I heard about the money distribution and…sigh…yeah, awsome tourney…numbers were SO awsome that cvs2 and marvel only had 7 people each…and…wow…I’ll just stop here…no wait, I won’t…I don’t think ANYONE running the tourney had ANY idea how to draw up a bracket…at one point, I had to argue about the fact that someone had my name in the losers bracket and I haven’t even played one match…and the guy with the bracket gave me some excuse like “yeah, you got another bye…” which is BULLSHIT cuz I had like 3 byes in the same bracket just so I can wait and play the winner of winners finals…and it was very nice of someone to give me a bye in first round so that I can go to losers…“here loser, since your name is not josh, lets just give you a first round bye to the losers bracket…” awsome…

p.s. GET OFF JOSH’S DICK!!! ITS BULLSHIT HE PAID NO MONEY FOR THE TOURNEY!!! and don’t say im hating on him, cuz Im the motherfucker that DROVE HIM there…seriously…JOSH paid $0 to win all the money, while you guys were trying to make our friend pay $2 to come and watch us play??? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE!!! Infact, get the FUCK OUT OUR LIVES!!! INFACT, you better HOPE that I don’t go up there again, cuz if i have to listen another DUMBFUCK trying to explain to me why the bracket is so fukked up while the hole time he’s got his face in joshes nutsacks…well, I might be tempted to punch him in the face. If you KNEW that no one was gonna play in the tourney, you should have told the truth about the numbers…SEVEN for CvS2!!! a WHOLE 7 people!!! Lets see, people who entered cvs2…JOSH - philly, J - philly, JUlien - philly, Som - philly, Khalick - philly, Damian - philly, Matt and Crackhead guy - Nesh…Wait, so thats EIGHT people in the tourney…hmmm…awsome…AWSOME numbers…

p.p.s. Basically, I have to say PHILLY players are FUKKING retarded for driving up to some bumblefuck to give them money for some dick excuse for a tournament. IF I find out that ANY philly players go up to this tourney, Imma fukking kill someone. THINK ABOUT IT!!! you pay minimum of $20 to play ONE game. And considering that TOP number for any one game is less than 10 people, and considering that almost ALL of entries will be from philly…geezuz…im fukking retarded for even going to the first one.



Go to fukking U.P and start a tourney there…better yet, wtf happened to Paddle weekly? Geeez…DON’T BE RETARDED.

NONE of this shit makes sense…first of all, CvS2 and Marvel on ps2 is fukking retarded…probably not as retarded as people running this tourney, but pretty fukking close. Are you guys sure you can run all those tourney in one day!!! How LAME is it that GGXX is being used in tourney…and that people who got top 2 were brandon and josh, who probably play ggxx like every thursday of NEVER. The fact that you guys are trying to run this tourney, well I take PERSONAL offense to it cuz you KNOW its some bullshit tactic to make some stupid money when you guys have ZERO interest in players or the actual tourney. And I have to find out if that ASIAN guy who worked at Cyberzone and entered Marvel vs Capcom 2 even PAID his admission fee. Im talkingabout $10 for “registration fee” AND another $10 to enter Marvel. He specifically said “I DON"T EVER PLAY THIS FUKKING GAME!” And I don’t think NO asian would pay $20 dollars to lose in winners to brandon and NOT play losers bracket in marvel. COME THE FUCK ON. This is a fukking joke. DONT BE FUKKING RETARDED

JUST INCASE you guys don’t fully understand my stand on this whole thing…

1.CYBERZONE is a STUPID place for a fighting game tourney. Granted its not an arcade, and its a cybercafe, but the place is fukking crowded and fukking dark. We MAYBE had 12 people in there and it was fukking hot and everyone who worked there fukking smelled. If you had any real tournament numbers, no one could stay cuz it’d be too crowded and people would be puking from DREAM’s B.O.

2.DREAM smelled like fukking dookie. And I’m glad you beat Damian in money match cuz if you had lost, I would have been tempted to fukking crap on your face so as to improve your fukking B.O.

3.THE TOURNAMENT SUCKED PERIOD. Numbers SUCKED, and the process SUCKED. We could have stayed in philly to watch Josh and Brandon win forever.

4.I don’t like to see grown ass doods be on another man’s dick like that ever again. "OH JOSH, Please come in and grace us with your coolness, oh please, let me give a you complementary blowjob just for showing up!! Oh goodness you have no money!!! Its okay, I’ll pay ANY of your entry fee even though I am a complete stranger!! Oh, lets celebrate by letting me suck your dick!! Oh, its almost time to start the tourney, let me show you the V.I.P room and suck the dick!!! Oh wow, I love it Josh is here!!! EVERYONE JOSH IS HERE!!! LETS ALL BEND OVER COLLECTIVELY AND LICK HIS BALL SACKS!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! Get a life.

OK your obviously hateing bro. Let me set shit strait if you had a problem with the brackets you should of talked to ME. I would of floated if you asked me to. Since i was the one running the tourn you should of asked me. Are you a fucking ass obviously since MvC2 was on the DC, yup makes sense that you should say it was on the Ps2 . 2ND this is called trying to get your name and the place you play out there. 3rd everyone EXCEPT you and like maybe one of your jackass friends didnt enjoy it i’ve talked to brandon and josh about this and they enjoyed it so you seem to be the only one with a problem. also did we charge your friend 2$ negitive but the lan center was closed due to this and money that is lost must be made up somewere i’ll explain more on that later in this post. i let him go because personally i dont care about the 2$ spec fee so yeah continueing. Let me continue with makeing you feel like an ass since Myself and Brandon covered for josh and he payed us back with his winning from GG. Now let me continue in saying yes the person who didnt even play MvC2 entered with his MONEY! omg yes just because your not god at a game doesnt mean you cant enter it. O wait but theres more. If you have a problem with ME and feel like trying to flame me and want to punch someone in the face i’d be more then happy to except that lovely little thougt of yours. So stop hateing bro i never said the numebrs were going to be huge one can only hope and yes all these games can be run in one day are you serious its not pools kid its brackets which go by fast once things get rolling. I wouldnt expect huge numbers not yet for this place but its a slow climbing ladder nobody starts off on top especially in the area we play in. Also the 10$ entry fee is up there for a good reason. Has you noticed it was a LAN CENTER so when we play these things there we have to shut down the lan center removeing there business therefore the 10$ goes towards lost buisness towards the place we play at. You must be unfirmiliar with the thing called business places. It truely shows. Your the only one flameing//hateing. So if you have the need to vent your jackass opinions take it to PM or IM me im not shy its on there.

yes its obvious your an ass and a great shit talker. allow me to explain to you ONCE again just scroll up nobody is on anyones balls you must be out of your fucking mind. Please to attend the next one and go threw with your empty threats. I hooked up josh and so did brandon and he did pay us back. Your completly out of your mind if you think anyone who is planning on going or wants to come will be drawn away by the words of a few jackasses like you.

Also allow me to make a few more obvious statements. If you take a good look at the results thread it seems to me brandon and damnian and some others had nothing but good things to say, infact i belive better then 8otb was in there. So please stop makeing yourself look an ass and save the BS for PM’s or IM’s and not the threads noone cares if you come to the next one or not, to me your a nobody with a stupid issue. So just leave it at that if you have anything else to say to me PM me your only makeing yourself look like a jackass on the threads to the people who enjoyed themselfs. Also seems to me that your hateing on Daminan in 3S, big words for someone who only played in CVS2. so get the fuck outta my life save the dumbshit for the PMS and stop hateing its obviously not affecting anyone but you.

I tried asking you but you were too busy sucking that josh cock.

Take a shower, and maybe let other people know next time that your stupid tourney is fukking with the business and we have to pay “registration fee”. Next time let a motherfucker know about your business problems, so that we can fukking decide if its worth going to middle of nowhere for.

p.s. FUCK YOU, your boy didn’t pay to enter Marvel. You are fukking lying. He could have fukking played casual if he was just a “fan” of the game. YOu entered him cuz if he hadn’t, the only person to enter marvel thats NOT from philly would have been that one young ass kid. Yeah, I just called you a fukking liar cuz you KNOW he didn’t put no fukking $20 play…no, no, no…GET HIS FUKKING ASS RAPED BY BRANDON in very first match and fukking bounce. He didn’t fukking suck at the game…motherfukker fukking played like he’s never even seen the fukking game. Are you serious?? Are you seriously gonna say he paid to enter?!! The guy who WORKED at cyberzone!!! The guy who fukking did NOTHING but mash!!! THE GUY WHO WITH HIS OWN MOUTH SAID “you guys don’t know, I don’t even fukking play this game ever.”?? Are you serious?? THE SAME FUKKING GUY WHO LEFT AFTER LOSING HIS FIRST MATCH TO BRANDON!!! HE PAID $20 dollars to do all that!!! Shut the fuck up you lying, smelling like shit fuck.

And all of your explanation doesn’t come CLOSE to explaining why you fukking smelled so fukking bad. Josh doesn’t even KNOW who you are, and the first thing he said to you was “I don’t have money to enter”. Suck cock much?? Why do you think Brandon and Josh enjoyed the fukking tourney? THEY FUKKING WON FOR FREE!!! And the reason you should have given accurate number count is cuz PHILLY PLAYS PHILLY ALL THE TIME ANYWAYS! I’ll speak in behalf of brandon and josh. They didn’t fukking ENJOY the fukking tourney…they enjoyed having you suck their BALLS all day and Josh especially didn’t care about ANYTHING except the fact that he made money without putting ANY of his own money in. Yeah he paid you back cuz he won all the fukking games.

Im glad your not shy about being punched in the face. Maybe I’ll ride with brandon if he wants to be retarded and go up there. Maybe i’ll give you an invitation to the next philly tourney and charge you $10 for fukking smelling like shit.

OF COURSE Im hating on the tourney. You guys don’t know shit about ANYTHING!! Still makes you a fukking tool…think about it. You could have had that tourney ANYWHERE!! And don’t say it was to attract all the “fighing game fans” thats brewing in that bumblefuck of a town cuz there were only 4 or 5 of you who played in ANY games in the tourney. YOU ARE A FUKKING TOOL don’t even try to deny it. And yeah, you are the fukking MAN for letting that $2 slide like that for my friend…fukking nerd.

You truely are an idiot. just because i didnt know josh personally doesnt mean i cant be a nice a guy all he did was ask and i agreed. Shit man you must be quite unfirmiliar with kindness and o wow is all you have to say is that i smelled bad? Your really are a dumbfuck and yes the guy who worked at CZ did put 20$ in also he played damian in the losers brackets. You can ride up with whoever you want and do w.e you want noone cares wtf you do. and i dont see why you must continue with makeing yourself look like an ass over threads but hey im happy to make you look like one. If you dont feel like takeing this to PMs fine. i will glady make you look like an ass after all of your posts.

Eat shit you cock sucking, shit stinkin, high cholesterol having, baby eating, heavy breathing, FAT FUCK.

Yeah, you’d like that if i drove up there to add to your fukking hollow numbers. You can say whatever the FUCK you want about anything. How AWSOME was the tourney when philly didn’t even stick around for the whole tourney?!! They left cuz the tournament fukking SUCKED!!! Only josh stayed back cuz they way you were sucking his cock, you would have driven him to wherever the fuck he wanted. FUCK YEAH Im hating…none of this changes the fact that almost EVERYONE left before the tourney ended, and that you were sucking joshes dick all day long, and that you fukking worse than sanford. EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS WRONG cuz your fukking fat. I heard people who placed 2nd didn’t even get money…I heard their prize was the entry fee for the next tourney?!! Are you fukking serious?!! Everything that comes out of that dick hole you call mouth is fukking a joke. Are you serious??? Free entry fee for next tourney was what 2nd placers got? What if they didn’t plan on coming to your next lame ass tourney?!! Hmmmmmmmmm…yeah no fukking motive there. Eat shit cuz you are what you fukking eat. You smell like shit…like BAD trash…like rotting eggs…like something that grows on bryheem’s foot…like fukking…SHIT. Hope you take offense to everything I say. Hope you get offended SO bad that you gather all your loser ass friends to come look for me…PLEASE PLEASE be offended cuz your fukking B.O was offensive. Did I mention you fukking STUNK?!! Did I say that already? Have you fukking smelled yourself? Are you not able to smell yourself? You probably think that you can just blame the stink on the person next to you huh? Do you know and don’t care? You know if your friends were true friends, they’d tell you that you smell REALLY bad. Is it because you think you smell good? Well, i just thought you should know that you STINK. I mean really really smell FOUL!!! Yeah, let me know if you were offended…yeah let me know if im being a jerk. It must be SO satisfying to know that you are a genuinely KIND person…SO kind, that it doesn’t matter if you smell like a farm pig. Well take care and eat shit everyday.

wow you must have the mentality of a 12 year old kid. Im done responding to your retarded post threads and your flameing of non-sense. You are still a nobody and will continue on forever being a nobody and need to satisfy your vein and worthless exsitance by trying to make other people angry and dis-satisfied with themselfs.Why would i waste my time comeing to look for a worthless POS like you. Its obvious to me and anyone who is reading this comment battle that your truely are a fucking moron.Its people like you who make me truely sick to my stomach talking big shit over threads and the net trying to sounds tough and trying to make other people lifes a little harder. Your a true peace of shit, and im done argueing with some childish person over threads you have my AIM and you can PM me so just take it to that. If you insist on continueing to try and instiagte me which is not working over the threads im just going to simply ignore the words of the small angry child. Like i said your a nobody and will forever continue to be a nobody so have a nice life on the bottom of societys shoe trying to make everyone around feel inferior so you feel better. That shit only works in kindergarden bro…grow the fuck up.

Is smelling like shit hereditery? How about being a fat fuck? How about not knowing how to run a fukking 8 man tourney? How about lying? How about being a fat fuck? Wait I said that one already. So do you get these traits from your mom side or dad side? Or perhaps all this is the result of having a fat mom and a smelly dad. Nah im just joking about your parents…they’re probably cool. You are still a fat fuck who smell like shit.

p.s. I heard that Damian and Josh are planning to jump you and roll you in a carpet and throw you over the bridge. Be careful…

yes im extremly worried about all of this please keep updated seriously im scared? o wait no im not. Stop posting Bs shit man it gets old real quick.

Buy a bar of soap please…
Eat less please…

Seriously though, Josh and Damian will show up cuz they are gay like that, and Brandon will probably go cuz he don’t mind taking all of his friends money for free. Well, you’ll have all the cock you can suck, and maybe stupid damian will play you again for money, then you’ll really have no excuse about stinking like shit.


actually that random asian dude played me in the losers… caught him w/ dan’s lvl3 suicide shitza… ggpo… if he paid… wow… but hey… no… nevermind… careful tho strawberry is a real life thug/ethug/rommance novel thug/bjork thug/thug thug… but for the record I know the true source of the mysterious odor and it wasn’t dream… pm me and i’ll tell u…

AHA!!! So Dream’s been sucking your cock too huh damian. Buncha ball lickers in SRK…tisk tisk. Let me put it his way. JOe Crack smelled, and Dream smelled, and when they were fukking standing next to eachother, my eyes got fukking watery…thats all imma say about that. Hey, don’t confuse me for a thug. A thug is driven by his naturalistic instinct to rob and cheat people. So don’t ever call me a fukking Thug Damian. My hate is less complicated than that. I am being a dickhead / asshole / jerk / hater because Dream is So fat and smells SO bad, that it makes me angry. It makes me angry to no end…How can it be? Dream should be the BEST video game player in the WORLD!!! He’s Justin and Sanford rolled into one, but BETTER!!! He’s as fat as justin, and smells as bad as sanford. Thats a fukking winning combination. You are a fukking WINNER, so I fukking HATE YOU DREAM!!! I hope people drive miles and miles from all over to come to your tourney…just to tell you face to face that you stink and you are fat. Because you know its true…

p.s. Damian, all i can say is…if the source of stench wasn’t from dream, it was from your hair…so…which one was it REALLY!!! huh? huh?

p.s. BRANDON, IM NEVER ANGRY…plus im psychic…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: