PRE EVO BATTLE! Fairfield CA tilt Aug 12th

that’s right. This is your LAST CHANCE! to get some practice in before the EVO WORLD finals in vegas. I had to get the date set and ready for you guys to mark your calenders and get ready for the final stop on the road to evo world.


T5 dr

pay outs: 70/20/10

sign ups will start at NOON and will end at 2:30 pm

Hope you all can make this shit. lets make it happen. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

Tilt Info:

1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444

Me and phil will be here! Won’t be playing DR though, might mess us up for evo.

i will to but i wont be playin the game and yes ddr and pj too so come on down and play oh yea guess what dont forget banging gurls

If anyone is passing by concord it’d be pretty sick if me and phil could get a ride. Otherwise, i guess we’ll just bart and bus it.

Anyone from San Jose-San Fransisco going? If so give me a ride I live in San Fran :slight_smile:


Tilt’s mvc2 button/stick layout has been changed to the 3s button/stick layout. Magneto should be playable now. good luck everyone!

there will be no 3s this tourney, sorry.

Sticks for cvs2 fixed yet? Still trying to decide wether to go to this one, or mgl. i kind of promised though, so I’ll probably be at tilts regardless. It’d just be nice to know if the cvs sticks were fixed or not.

aaron quit ducking and dodging. be at tilt this time so we can settle this colossus vs wolverine shit once and for all. be there!

lol, ok.

:confused: Wow the game really is Fried huh ? (Was it the security Card)

Now the tourney will be like

MvC2 - 10 entrants
CvS2 - 11 entrants
Dr - 8 entrants

with no 3s it will be Naked in there:sad:

I was just told yesterday that 3s may get fixed today so it is possible that we will have a 3s tourney. Ill keep up with the updates. I really dont know what the problem was with it.

I hope it’s not the suicide battery. If it gets fixed, I’m winning 3rd strike!
Anyway, wolverine sucks versus colossus. Super armor fucks wolverine up. I have to counter your super armor with super speed.

I want a piece of that Colossus action:arazz:

I want to see chunk there. Ive never played him, I just want to see how it feels to get my ass killed and my soul ripped out of my body.

ok aaron, its shoulder bashing time haha.

highly possible 3s will be back up as soon as tomorrow. i will let you guys know.

hydro lets make it happen. colossus vs anyone!

I will be at this one , I’ll try to bring Mikey if he want to come.

Tinh Ngo ill be there… long time no see

so is 3s fixed?

No. :frowning:

Im might reach to this if 3s gets fixed. I am going to ask James and Walter to come also.