Pre-Evo DBS Tournament Results! O-town strikes back!


Wow, I had a lot of fun some great fucking matches by everyone good luck to Mike and Justin do well at Evo!


  1. Mike “mixup” Mixson - Magneto Teams (I never keep up with them :lol: ) Scrub, Santrax
  2. Erik “DBS” Johnson - Magneto Teams, Santrax.
  3. Adam “Sugarman” Burghardnt - Santrax, Scrub
  4. Eder Resendiz - Team Eder, Storm/Cable/Tron
  5. Justin ‘Blaziniflo’ Zhou - Scrub, Gotta Eat
  6. John “Sentinaaaal!” Sindel - Scrub

Erik puts Mike in the losers in the winners final!
O-town comes back with the fury, with Adam eliminating Justin, and Eder eliminating John!
Speaking of Eder, he eliminated Khameleon ending his losing streak. Speaking of losing streaks, I put MAXIMUS in the losers first round ending my losing streak against him! :smiley:

I came home before the team tournament happened so I don’t know they still might be playing right now, hopefully someone will post those results.

Once again, good games to all and good luck to everyone going to Evo!

Rep that 'ish down!


Erik puts me in losers, pisses me off

finals 6-1:D
Khameleon gets 9th…fl is too strong…Sentinaaal! did the dirty to him…so did eder

erik wiped the floor with anyone who tried to beat him

I took everyones money in the money matches

sugar man loses 6 games wins one

eder loses 4 wins 1

rober loses 2

and imo, the match where eder won vs jon was a total luck, he

had a huge lead vs a 20 pixel cable and when the timer hit 9 sentinaal! hit fp in the air with commando and got shot. he had a full commando and 10 % sentinel…

ozzie takes sugarmans money in the money match twice, double or nothing and comes out on top again 20$ later…

I am drunk

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’ll post more later:p

G-ville is still on top


:lol: Mike posting on SRK drunk is golden :lol:

Eder with his best Justin Wong impression I’ve ever seen :lol: too strong!

When are you leaving BTW?

New Guy Here!
New Guy Here!

there is nothing better than getting blitzed with the O-town and G-ville crew.

G-ville tournament’s are god tier.


Sounds like a great tournement wish I coulda been there you beat all of you off… but ehh… schools comming this week… so you guys are just to lucky:confused: :lol:

So finally Orlando has finally took ups on this tournement… still good…

How many people joined this one?


The finals weren’t pretty. His MSTron owns my MSP for free. There’s no way I could block all the rushdown options, when tron is holding me in block stun. Plus, he knows all my tricks so I could never get a clean shot in.

There was plenty of great matches for such a small tournament. Florida’s finest was definately in attendance. Can’t wait till the post Evo tourny at DBS Sounds. That’s gonna be insane.

3SO patch still has an error
3SO patch still has an error

I’m glad to hear everyone got drunk after:(


Silly Erik, you had Mike in some of you’re matches, IIRC you just messed up on an infinite or something.

And BTW, I’ll probably need a new MASS… mine is fucking up. :frowning:

I’ll call ya on monday :wink:


Why in hell is an older tourney thread higher than this one wtf


Why you trying to make sense of it? This is Fl yo…We always against the grain!