Pre-Evo Hangout/ Casuals


Hey guys, a good amount of you know me but those that are new to the scene might not. Anyway, I am a local here in Vegas (have been for the past year and a half). I know that coming sometime earlier than Evo might sometimes be a drag since you don’t know what to do or where to go so I’m going to give you a gamer’s breakdown.

First off, I want to point you towards the Vegas thread in the Matchmaking section. You can keep up to date on what were doing or what’s going on. Here’s the link:

The first post of the thread has announcements on events and addresses to local spots we either hang out at or play casuals.

Next, for those that are in Vegas already, I want to inform you about two different spots Immortal Gamers League (IGL) and Gemini Arcade Palace.

IGL is basically the hang out spot where people have recently been showing up for tournaments and casuals. The place is owned by my business partner The Juggernaut and me. We are currently moving the location, but I will be posting the address and information later in the week when we have situated the new spot. I am also trying to throw a get together the day before Evo for everyone. Something fun so you can actually meet people before the big day. Something where you can get some food, get some drinks, and just play to your heart’s content to get ready for the big tourney. I provide all the consoles (360s), monitors, and games. I just ask that you bring your controller and your A game.

Gemini Arcade Palace is a grand arcade that mainly caters to the rhythm game crowd, it has also been stated the number one arcade for rhythm gaming in the world. However, the do have fighting games in there as well. I believe their selection will grow around the time of Evo but that really doesn’t help you guys. Reason I am mentioning this place is because even though it is centered around rhythm games it is quite roomy. Julie, the owner of the arcade, let’s our scene bring in our consoles and setups anytime we want and just play. She supports us wholeheartedly. She has also sponsored some of us for Evo this year and we couldn’t be happier. People usually gather here on Thursday and Friday nights. Here is the address to Gemini along with url:

Sandhill Square
4180 South Sandhill Road Suites B-3 & B-4
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Now for some eating spots. I am only going to mention one place here in Vegas due to the wide popularity it has among ourselves and everyone we take there. It’s Blue Ox East Bar and Grill. It’s in the same shopping complex as Gemini Arcade Palace as well. Just go in and ask for the Fingers. They are made with fresh non-frozen chicken breast and are to die for. I’ve never had fingers like this before in my life. We frequent there probably at least twice a week. We plan on going there either Wednesday or Thursday of the week of Evo and plan on bringing a huge party with us. So if you are in the mood for some good food just get a cab and tell them to take you to Blue Ox East on Flamingo and Sandhill. You won’t be disappointed.

On top of that there is a special going down in Vegas right now for the buffets. I know a lot of you just freakin’ love buffets, love eating, or just love being fat so here it is. If you go to they have a lot of info there. Now the buffet covers 7 different buffets and you can go to them as many times as you would like for a 24 hour period for just $45.99 (for total rewards members). It’s easy to become a Total Rewards Member, just go to the casino floor and you can get a players card (same thing). Now reason I state this deal is because The Rio is actually listed as one of the buffets. So you don’t have to travel or leave the Evo area to get your grub on.

Hope this helps all of you guys. If you’re in town and want to hang with us to get in some casuals or something please hit me up via PM and we’ll put something together. I’m always here to help.

-Tha Hindu


I also have never had fingers like blue ox fingers before. We have brought many people from other states to this place and they say the same thing.

its like 5 - 6 pieces of chicken and your choice of homemade potato chips or (fries/onion rings for 1.50 - 2 dollars extra)
For just the basic fangers with chips is $8 + tax, and this alone will fill you up. It is a lot of food.

Also you can get damn near any sauce you want for free, no charge at all. FREE!!!


I’m gonna be in Vegas starting Tuesday morning, staying at the Rio.
I might try to see if I can get some games before the event.
If you want to hit me up my number is 917-582-8556


The crew will be at Gemini tonight playing casuals and getting grub later in the night. Go ahead and swing on by if you’re in the area already and introduce yourself. Also, on Tuesday, we will be at Gemini around 9 or 10pm for casuals and such. Again, just swing on by.

-Tha Hindu


I’ll be sure to do so on Tuesday.

Though I also have to watch the Tekken movie. It’s only showing that Tuesday!
What time is Gemini open until?


That day it should be open till 12am or 2am. We are getting together at South Point Casino to watch the Tekken 3D movie. Just show up at a reasonable time. See you there.

-Tha Hindu


Alice in Fangerland


The Fast and The Fangers

They’re THAT serious!


thank you very much for the tips, ill definately hit up that fangers place thursday, since insert coins discriminates against youngsters


Well, I know a group of us were going on Thursday. Hit me up via pm with your number. I’ll call you and let you know what’s a good time to go so that you’re there when the group is there.

-Tha Hindu


I’ll be in town by 6pm on weds the 27th, I would like to go and play, but what what are the players playing ? I play marvel 3 and tekken 6.


Me and my buddy will be arriving in Vegas on wednesday. Staying at the rio. Will have a setup in our room if anyone is down. Just text me 8138177178


Great to see you’re coming a bit earlier D. We play everything and when I say everything I mean everything. Should be a sizable crowd on Wednesday. See you there.

Hey Deadcell, just come on by to Gemini on that night. We’ll be gaming all night and the drive from the Rio to Gemini is not far at all. From my experience there is barely anyone there on the Wednesday before Evo. You’ll have a lot better luck on Thursday though. See you guys soon.

-Tha Hindu


An additional heads up to folks looking for cheap places to eat around the Rio check out the Gold Coast Casino next door to the Rio. They got a TGIF that always has the 24/7 happy hour specials on all appitizers & drinks (have to eat at the bar) and the buffet there is pretty decent for a good price (around $12).

Also: Race to Fanger Mountain.


Dances with Fangers
Silence of the Fangers
Fangerz 'N The Hood
The Nightmare Before Fangers
Good Will Fangers
A Few Good Fangers
Edward Fangerhands
Fangers Maguire

-Tha Hindu


Tushar: I’ll be there super early on Thursday (around 3am) Does Insert Coin have XvSF? Oh… I’ll be traveling with a Temp ID, will that be an issue with me getting/buying drinks?



Hey buddy, long time no see. Shouldn’t be an issue and no they don’t have XvSF :(. I do know that Gemini does have two XvSFs though, just saying.

-Tha Hindu


oh shit Rotendo’s gonna get FANGERS!!
Tushar show him the goods hahaha


Hello,everyone. im already at the rio and I really cant leave the rio due to budget but if any games are going on at rio. Hit me up. 413-454-5653. found out that hotels tvs kinda blocks out aux so cant really hook up xbox to hotel tv. Which sucks and o yea I play mvc3.


Requiem for a Fanger