Pre-Evo ST sit in

SweetJohnnyV and myself are going to get a ST sit in tomorrow before the tourney on Saturday. All people are welcome.

Due to none of the tv’s in the tropicana having a/v cable inputs we’ve only be able to play AE. :sad:

So, with that said, anyone who has a DC RF adapter(s) they’d be willing to loan us for the sit in would be a tremendous help.

Here are the people I know are confirmed for the sit in:
SweetJohnny V
Austin (tsukihimeblood)

PM me if you have any questions (Room number, Time, Cell numbers…etc)
The time for the event is unknown but I have 3rd strike pools at noon tomorrow and johnny said he won’t be up till sometime afternoon. So sometime in the afternoon.

Hope to see you there!

Count me in.
I’ll PM you with my details.


If I dig around I may be able to find a DC RF Adapter. The only problem is, I am flying in tomorrow. I’ll literally arrive just in time for the ST portion of EVO.

good games last night guys, or should i say this morning. shit, i just woke up…didnt get home till 6am…

i have an rf adapter but its for ps2, not dc…

Yeah, gg’s to everyone last night. That was fun!

I just talked to Stuart and it sounds like we’re going to start things up a little later tonight. So, if you’re cool and you wanna play some ST with us tonight PM me or Stuart with your info and we’ll let you know the details once we have a plan :wgrin: