PRE EVO! Tilt Tournament! - Fairfield, CA - 7-26-08

Hello everyone, it’s that time again for this monthly Tilt Arcade Tournament! This happens to be 2 weeks prior to Evolution, making it prime time for pre evolution standard! Get ready for evo by competing with Nor Cals best! Here is the format.

Tournament starts at 2:30pm, no later. Sign up before then, or be left out.
2/3 games (1 game in cvs2 losers)
Double elimination format.
$5 entry per game. With 70/20/10 payout format.
Pay 1 token per game played.

Of course casuals are welcome before the tourney starts! If you show up before 2:30 you can play casual with the tournament players for warm-ups, etc.

Once the tournament starts the machines will be in event mode until the tournament ends, and only tournament matches will be played.

Good luck to all that enter, and have fun!!