PRE-EVO! TILT Tourney July 26th 2008



Entry Fee: $5 plus single token play

Sign ups:** Start at 10 am and end at 2 p.m TOURNEY WILL START AT 2:30 p.m

Entry Fee:** $5 plus Single Token play


Westfield shoppingtown mall
1372B Solano Mall
Fairfield, CA 94533


1st. 70%
2nd. 20%
3rd. 10%

Hope to see you all there!

This will be a SINGLES tourney!!!


might just drop by for this one =]

I’m there.

lol. Spelling ftw.

Why would we want to do a team tourney instead of a regular one? That seems a little screwy to me…

team tourneys r always awesome

I don’t have a problem with adding a team tourney to it, but I don’t like the idea of it being only a team tourney.

thats true

if it’s team, i want tyram on my team :slight_smile:

the tourney will be SINGLES!

damn youuu

Yo i’ll be there as always. owning fools left and right you know how it goes down.

I shall try and commence swoopage upon the TilT that day.

DR? 27th is my b-day :smiley:


Will someone get Tinh to go? Imma get at that nigga at MvC2.

werd? you going with who chunk.?

My parents.

They want to go to solano mall?

edit: someone call tinh today!

well tourney was canceled on a count of not enough entries but on a side note i did MM eric choi in a match of cvs2 for $5 ft 3. I won 3-1

he first used a k groove team that he was already playing with and then went on to use A.