Pre-EVO video by team H8... (H8 tv)

My latest video featuring team H8 members: SmoothCat, Da Wall, Nestor and others…
…with special guest from Japan… Genki!

NicaBia Prod. presents: H8 tv
Produced by: Shankar T.
Running Time: 50 min.
File Format: mpeg4
Size: 136 mb
Link: (right click save as)

…hope you guys enjoy…

yo pig we gotta do that money match u still plan on going to nec? If not then ECC we will have to do it then.

Id like to say that there is a few matchups in the vid and there is some funny shit i think anyone who likes us will like it, and for the ppl who dont… watch it and hate cause thats what keeps the fire going. The scene is really boring as of now…


this video cracked me the fuck up the whole way thru especially seeing erica in the video and shit, edsnk etc etc. randommmmmmmm :looney: :looney: :looney:

chill, i’m likin it Shankar

the video is too good niggas were so drunk and high it was classic but thats how it goes in PGA
you know it was a good night when mother fuckers cant stop smiling

I miss the underground layer.


We don’t…

I mean, the Layer had it’s time. Now it’s all about PGA’s. This place it too powerfull!
Niggas call it the hyperbollic chamber for a reason…
…heads be leveling up…

What program can you open this with?


1 question…where the hell was joey crack!?

Dunno but last time i heard of him was when he was on a bus to evo, then nobody has heard from him since. :looney:

oh where oh where has joey crack gone oh where oh where could he be… he prolly just got to evo someone in vegas tell him its already over

that nigga is still walkin to vegas?

he went back to heaven

don’t worry, he’ll be back for ecc 12

you guys have a pretty nice set up out there, good shit

I use quicktime:

…but yeah VLC should do the trick:

…I feel for crackk… I really hope he didnt take that bus to evo, and didnt make it in time…
…he probably got stranded out there and now has to work in vegas showbizness to make a little change to make it to back to Jerzey.
I bet he’ll show up at the next TGA tourney with 10 min left to close…


he has to be on some crack to be doing some shit like that

Yall look like you havin a GOOD ASS TIME if i ever come to the EC imma chill wit you cats with the blunts!