Pre-fab Cab?

My dad is always looking for a project for he and I to work on together, and with all of the cabinet threads I’ve seen around SRK lately, I started to look into cabs. The biggest problem I’ve seen with getting a cabinet for private use, is the nicer ones are overseas and cost a fortune to ship. My solution is to build pre-fabricated japanese style cabinets to cut down on shipping costs (and overall costs). Could offer with or without monitors and have them specially designed for home console/PC use.

I just got off the phone with the Pops and he sounded excited about it.

Feedback is appreciated.

Edit: If nothing else, we’ll build one for my home and one for the comic shop.

This a is a great site for general information regarding DIY arcade cabinet building. Good luck.

Are you talking about building these for sale, or just for yourself?