Pre Midwest Challenge Qualifier Tournament


Well it was a good turn-out even though some of the FC players didnt’t show up. Lots of fun and good battles through out the day. Great to see the scene alive again thanks to Nickel City managment. CvS2/MvC2 qualifiers results are for the 5v5 chicago vs detroit tournaments at Midwest Challenge on Jan. 25-26th in Nickel City in Northbrook ,IL…if anyone wants to check out info on the tournament there is a sticky in the midwest section.

CvS2 Qualifiers: Tony De Fily. , Douglas(aka the thrax), Alvin Liu. Just to let everyone know George and Ari are seeded for every 5v5 event for Midwest Challenge.

MvC2 Qualifiers: Joel M(Strider Klown), Derek D(Dereklearnslow), and Marc(Madbooface)

3s Tournament results(this was an actual tournament and didn’t have anything to do with the 5v5 team. The finals went George winning first set 4-1 and Domingo winning Second set 4-3 after being down 3-1. All in all George is a big Ken whore :D.

1st: Domingo A(Bum/Nigga_D) Alex,Makoto, Urien

2nd: George Fed(Ken)

3rd: Tony D(#1stunner) Ken,Makoto,Dudley,Yang





Congratulations and good job to all top finishers/qualifiers.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay and compete for one of those spots. But it’s ok, playing Marc in casuals showed that I wasn’t ready. 'Cuz damn, I haven’t been owned like that since MWC6. But I’ll be ready next time… :evil: ;).

  • Geronimo

P.S. I was expecting to see Pentago and kidwu there, I had their VCD’s ready. Where were you guys? And Alvin, whatever happened to Ann Arbor, I woulda had yours ready too.

P.P.S. Yo Domingo, who gets the last spot for the 3S team?


It goes to Craka-J also known as Jim from Wasco(Shin Hugo).



Domingo it was 3-2 not 3-1.but anyway great job FINALLY beating me in 3s,haha your hard work is starting to pay off,big ups to the team chicago in all 3 games we’re looking pretty versitile thanks go to marc for ruining my streak with team rina/amerie(bastard).


I know this is going to sound like a stupid question, especially since I quoted you, but confirm this for me.

Is there going to be a 5 on 5 MvC2 Invitational between all Chicago and all Detroit players?


I woulda qualified for cvs2 if I had stayed.

Joel needs to learn sentinel so all those mag/storm whores can stop raping his cable!

George I owe you a streak cause I suck…but forcefield doesn’t!


YES there is, well at least thats what we came to one time when i talked with VDO.



Works a bitch :bluu:


Yes marc you should have stayed to qualify for cvs2, im pretty sure you would have beaten the thrax! No offense thrax. Well maybe a bit


W3RD I woulda! cvs2 is actually pretty fun again…seeing the face of someone who supers and gets beaten out by RC is priceless. With all that said, do I know you???

Edit: I do know you! Mr. #1Stunna wh…wha…what?!


hahaha. RCs are tight cuz they make K groove scrubs think twice before they just do a random super the moment ur char flinches. Anyways… Marc… I think the area I am staying at in Chicago for the wedding on the 19th is the Hilton. I dunno I’ll check later and tell you where it is… so could you like gimme directions to a decent arcade from there when I get the address.


I don’t lose cable to no mag storm, I lost to the damn robot =(


lol to me, you lost to ROBOY…but to derek, who plays mag/storm, I meant him beating you.