Pre-order costume loop hole


It’s a bit of a captain obvious but here’s what you can do if you already have USF4 and only want the pre-order codes. Preorder the disk version from gamestop, use the pre-order code, return unopened game as new.

Well I pre-ordered and got my code already. I also already have a lot of bought dlc from some time ago, might pick up a pack or two since I for the most part have been using multiple characters still.

Course I could understand those who paid for it online not wanting to do this since they got additional codes after all to hand out to others for free.


Bro that doesn’t work . You can’t get the codes for some reason. I don’t think you can buy the update and return it. If you’re talking putting money down for the preorder and getting your money back that’s different . What did you do exactly at GameStop to get the codes?


I think I’ve heard of this one


Well, not fraud 100%.
When you preorder in store, you’re supposed to get the code immediately. If you decide to return the game, thats a different thing. However you typically need to return all items. They would really need a way to revoke digital downloads for this to be not fraud.
Catch 22. I worked in Bestbuy once, Someone returned a Left4Dead 2 PC game, said the code didn’t work. Customer Service actually let her swap for another one. out of curiosity I took the code and entered it. It was valid. So 2 fold, 1 she apparently didnt know how to enter the first one, and then theft for me. No verification screen before to confirm the code. Oh well, never loaded it up so no harm.


So they give you the codes as soon as you pre-order? Why not just pre-order and then use the code and then cancel your pre-order.


Or just move the pre order over to something you actually want. Or just have them put the 5 on your power up rewards card.

I don’t think they care all that much.