Pre-order for PC


You can also get it for $12 if you enter a discount code A5D6OC-SSP45E-FYUBTA. If the code doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll edit this line.


Also can now be purchased on the Steam store.


Well, it’s still 8th August, that give you plenty of time.


GMG always has a coupon available, so don’t worry about purchasing it early


Does pre-ordering the PC version include DLC costumes?


actually I would like to know how it works for the SFxTK costumes’.


nope, don’t do it. wait till August for full Ultra version, no previous purchases requried


You do realize that you can pre-order the full version as well right?


Don’t buy anything until Capcom fixes AE on Steam. Unplayable mess - online and offline lag, freezes in (offline) training mode, broken refresh rates for people with high refresh rate monitors, broken audio, bad matchmaking, and on. It’s also very annoying that mods won’t work any more. Capcom aren’t even giving status updates on any possible future patches, so there’s a chance there won’t be any. Don’t give money to Capcom - that takes away their motivation to fix the game, and also don’t buy it for your own sake - there’s no guarantee Capcom will ever fix AE (and by extension Ultra) on PC. The game’s barely even worthy of being called “beta”.


The guy asked about DLC. You do NOT get any DLC included with pre-purchasing it now, except the four ugly costumes for the ‘new’ characters. If we wait we’re supposed to get ALL ae DLC when it’s released as a standalone product.

And what do you mean the mods don’t work anymore? that’s like the only reason I’m getting the game, to have fun hacking the snot out of it, lol


Shit, I got mine pre-ordered the other day on steam. Hopefully I can just delete it and just wait 'till they fix it and download that one.


Wow, at least you can take a moment to get the facts straight. Or at LEAST check the link provided. You’re misinforming the guy.

You get both if you preorder. If you buy it on release you only get the old costumes.


So, you are telling us not to buy the game just because there is a chance that it will not be fixed?
Let’s then imagine it NEVER gets fixed… CAPCOM releases an official note saying something like "PC Players, THIS is the game, there will NEVER EVER be any fixes for it! Take it or leave it!"
Do you really think I will not buy the game just because it will never get fixed??

Well, I pre-purchased the game already and I am counting the days to play Ultra.
I am a fan, and even though I may not main any of the new Chars, I want to try them. I want see in MY COMPUTER screen that new menu with Ryu, etc…etc… etc…
and believe me, I am not the only one.

By the way…
Unplayable mess - online and offline lag, freezes in (offline) training mode
I play ranked every day and it works pretty nice for me.
and I don’t have any problems offline.

broken audio
I didn’t had any Audio problems and still don’t have. and I have read that many have solved this issue with a fix.

bad matchmaking
The matchmaking was ALWAYS bad…

So, don’t tell people what to do just because of you OWN experiences…
It is already clear that this Steam Transition works in mysterious ways.


Except the link I gave was the the STAND ALONE PRODUCT that you can also pre-order, right this minute.


its the shittiest PC port i ever played, and i have no hope that they gonna fix it, i still pre ordered it


good thing you guys are so vigilant. someone update the discount voucher? it doesn’t work anymore


I guess I’ll buy it for half the price at Christmas sale. most issues would have been fixed by then.

I fear game will have same problems the Steam version of AE 2014 currently has…