Pre-ordered the TE @ CompUSA

Hey guys,

I’m sure there still are so many people who are trying to get the TE, and yes, I’m one of them :frowning:

Last night, I spent about 3 hours to find any websites that might have the TE in stock, and noticed that CompUSA had the TE as well.

They’re still accepting pre-orders, and STRANGELY, their price is $129.99. Even though they didn’t specify its release date or anything, I had to cross my fingers and just place an order. And I emailed them right after…

Well, shoot, NO replies yet. My order status just says the order has been forwarded to the drop shipper, I guess this drop shipper is Mad Catz… sigh…

Is there anyone who bought the TE from CompUSA? How come their price is so low? Even the SE, they’re selling them for $60 (PS3) and $70 (XB).

It looks like I might be able to get the TE in March or April (if I’m lucky enough), but I just can’t wait that long. I will get a copy of the game (SF4) tomorrow or on Wed, and I really don’t want to play it with a pad.

Should I just cancel my pre-order with CompUSA and walk in as many stores as I can during this week and weekend? I really hope that I can at least get the SE, not the TE.

Can someone advise where to find the SE or TE offline? I tried Fry’s on Sun, it was sold out, even the SE.

Thanks so much guys.

Your order will be cancelled just like the rest of ours.

just a heads up:

estimated delivery date is june 9, 2009


Sigh… I guess I was too naive… Will I get at lease the SE if I pre-order from Amazon? Or are there any offline stores where I can buy the SE?