Pre-ordering 3S:OE

maybe i’m being a bit selfish, i mean i got a free theme for the normal price it would have been if i got the game later but i was assuming that i would be able to DL the game right when it became the 23rd.

from what it looks like i’m going to have to wait until it’s around 2 - 6 pm

yeah psn normally doesn’t release any games at midnight(the only one i recall them releasing at midnight was a socom game)
somebody said that the scott pilgrim game was uploaded early in the morning but the psn usually updates around 5:00-6:00 PM EST but they don’t have an exact set time and have been around to update the store very late at night

Pre ordering doesn’t get you any release benefits. The only people who got benefits are those that know people at Capcom or won that art contest shit. You’re just going to have to bear with the situation. Only 12 more hours. LOL.

i’m kind of new to dealing with not only PSN, but also their Play program.

speaking of scott pilgrim, i might just DL that to pass the time…

to be honest we don’t know how much longer until 3SOE comes out on the psn
it updates when it feels like it

If I recall,AE didn’t drop on PSN until very late in the day in the central time zone. So,start reading a big book or have yourself a little movie marathon or something because it’s going to be a while. lol

word! I was playing AE on 360 for like 8 hours before I could finally get on PSN too – THAT is retarded!

PSN always updates in the evening for no damn reason. They should just be able to set a timer to have stuff put on there at, and it’s really frustrating when Microsoft’s stuff is available when you wake up, since they always have it uploaded at 3am or so. Not to mention they add stuff that isn’t arcade games every day of the week instead of just Tuesday and Thursday.

So if we preordered, will we have to redownload the game from PSN store or will it automatically start to download once its available?

I pre ordered the game but will i have to pay again?

what i’m assuming is that we’ll get a message or the game will automatically DL once it become available, but you shouldn’t have to pay for something you already bought again

I usually get an email from the PS Blog whenever PSN updates…I’m not going to fret the wait.
Keep yourself busy.

I feel loads better hearing that from PSN users. Not that in changes my situation or anything, I still have to wait until Wednesday, but something about someone else not being able to enjoy it makes me happy, lol.

I’d still prefer a hardcopy of this over DLC. I wonder how hard it would be to convert a DLC game into a hard copy disc

Harder only to burn it on a disc :stuck_out_tongue:

I think PSN never had preorders, I wonder how it will look like.

Hmm, i was hoping for it to auto download. Ah, well. Time to play some Deus Ex while I wait :lol: