Pre-Ultra Match Up Discussion



Now that the first set of patch notes are out for all characters, although nothing will be set in stone I think it will be fun for some theoretical discussions on which match ups will be better and which will be worse.

In the future when the patch is out this thread will be kinda useless, but I guess can still test out some of the theories and the original character match up thread can be updated.

I’ll start with Cammy to get the ‘ball rolling’ ;).


I think the match up against her will be significantly easier might even get to the point where it’s even.


  1. Her damage/stun output is dramatically decreased
  2. Her overall divekick pressure is significantly weakened. MK divekick you might even be able to throw her for free after blocking it.
  3. Delayed wake up is gonna mess her okimeze game big time
  4. Red Focus will definitely be a disadvantage against her
  5. Blanka can now ex upball FADC to give us an option to safely get out of safe jump pressure


On the cammy note, I still think being able to RFADC Cr.fp into bare damage will be great against her DP on block.


can already dash into full combo punish. faster dash helps with that though. red focus only really useful with ultra there


Not sure if anyone noticed but pretty much most if not all do blocked fadc is now -5 … That means it’s free ultra woohoo

Might actually mean I might actually use u1 or W on some of the u2 matchups… Like one of my most hated match ups sagat

No more get out of jail free card against blanka when you dash forward after blocked do :smiley:


I’m happy that Sagat got nerfed and it doesn’t seem like the ex tiger knee buff stayed either.

That’s one bad match up that got a TAD easier.