Pre Warzone 2 MvsC 2 Tourny w/ Main Event: Neo vs Dorian $1K MM - April 2nd 2010

With Warzone 2 just around the cornor, an idea between myself and Neo(upcoming rising star in the MvsC 2 community) thought it be great we can get a MvsC 2 tourny going just before the big SoCal event. It’ll be held at Regency Fun Center. Details are as follow:

Regency Fun Center
2440 Carson St
Lakewood, CA 90712

MvsC 2

5 PM - 6 PM
Sp33dRac3r vs Melvin FT 6 MM
Infrit vs JTron FT 7 MM

6 PM - 7 PM
Neo vs Dorian $1K MM FT 10

7 PM - 10 PM
MvsC 2 Tourny

Entry Fee:
1st - 70%
2nd - 20 %
3rd - 10 %

Tentative Events:
Team MM:
FFA vs Regency 2vs2/3vs3 MM
FFA vs Alex Arcade 2vs2/3vs3 MM
Regency vs Alex Arcade 2vs2/3vs3 MM
Neophase vs Regency 3vs3 MM

As some of you may know, west coast Warzone 2 is held at the Long Beach Marriott. Regency Fun Center is literally 5/10 mins away from this location. Staff said they will replace any joystick or buttons on site if needed to.

I would like to invite all of SoCal MvsC 2 players from FFA, James Games, Super Arcade, Alex Arcade, Arcade World (R.I.P.) and anyone else coming from NorCal/San Diego. For any questions, issues or conerns. Feel free to contact me via PM or AIM IM at Sp33dRac3r30. Let the Hype begin!

Good luck Neo! Marvel is BACK. GET HYPE! I made a printable flyer for this event to have a solid turnout->

Printable Version/Pass out to all friends and post in all arcades->

Strider0: You already know this is a exclusive. Get that footage:tup:

Thanks for the flyer AirbrushKing! Def. getting these printed to spread the word.

No problem. Anytime! Anything to help marvel and the community, im down. Just make sure someone is there with a camera to take pictures and a nice quality video recording camera cause marvel needs to be viewed in HD. its 2010 so Im installing a new feature on were people are going to be able to view these matches in all formats from 480p-1080p but the footage has to be captured in that format in order for everything to look Godlyke. Tired of low quality matches =[

Hopefully someone is there to record the matches. I’m thinking either LBC Kid or Strider Zero will capture the footage. Although I’ll be taking the pics.

Why is this a exclusive? It has nothing to do with you, right?

That’s like strider zero saying "hey gimmie the toan vs fanatiq part 2"
it’s strider zero exclusive. hahahahaahahahahahaha get outta here with this shit man. taking credit for other people’s work.
“If I make a flyer, the MM taking place is exclusive to me” are you fucking kidding me. Broke ass texas, can’t get enough of WC eh?
You upload matches that happened like a year ago and act like it’s yours. ROFL Everything you’ve put up marvel related footage (That is good) is either preppy’s shit or strider zeros. Stop trying to jack other people’s work, Carlos, I mean ned Mencia.

Strider0 is a mod on so he uploads exclusive content to the website. I dont need to take credit for anybodys footage. I have my own. i know strider will be there so thats why I said for him to upload it to and an exclusive. Hes working on neo vs rudy so it doesnt matter who footage it is cause we work as a team. Me and him both have ideas and trade back and forward. So now you know, again good luck and I hope this tournament is HYPE…

I just mean that if it everything is “for the community”, no one should have an exclusive. It should be posted anywhere and everywhere for anyone to watch, right (i.e. Preppy’s, YouTube, etc.)?

If anyone should have rights to the match, it should be up to the players that are actually playing in the match and / or whoever recorded it.

True. It doesnt matter to me at this point. i was just telling strider0 to upload it to the website once hes finished editing it. As long as its out there for players to view it, thats all that matters…

You just don’t get it, [media=youtube]5gVYfDCgYxk"[/media]
You disgust me with your vile attempts of saying "we’re a team."
ScrubBrushKing = Carlos “Poser, I steal shit and make it my own” Mencia aka NED HOLNESS.
Striderzero = true to his shit.
I don’t see him trying to sell DVD’s LOL fucking money hungry bitch.
Talk about sharing, where the fuck is Toan vs Fanatiq then.
You realized no one is gonna pay shit for that footage, so you make it seem like you were gonna release it free the whole time.
It’s too late to save face now.
StriderZEr0 is the truth. He puts in time for his vids, AND IT’S FREE!
Get on WC’s level on terms of gameplay and sharing.

This has nothing to do with the quarrel, but that video of mencia and rogan is fucking hilarious

LOL you manage to follow me in every thread I post in. WOW. TROLLER/STALKER! I didnt know I was that important 2 you:blush:. Anyways, Toan vs Fanatiq will be uploaded to the network free and I told you and wont tell you again. Come see me at evo. I will be wearing my airbrushking shirt. Just say something to me =]

No nigga, you’re the one trying to always steal people’s shit, and I just happened to catch during the process. I don’t go into your guys’ fagg0t ass texas thread, yet you’re all over on the nuts of WC threads.
I’m not gonna waste my time playing you. I’d rather want to watch striderzero vs you. no low tier bs. or you vs preppy.
I got $$$ on preppy and strider zero over you. FREE.
Just like it was for Neo when he went to Texas.
ABK: getting sonned since he started stealing shit from people.
You like fish sticks? I bet you do, since you’re a gay fish.

this is a friday right? Ill try and make it if I dont work.

i wanna see illan vs dorian MM, someone make it happen!

anyways, goodluck to both players ill be there to cheer regency!

Sorry likely it won’t happen. Although it would’ve been great to see two great IronMan players go at it. However fanatiq n myself have been confirm Illan doesn’t play anymore.

This was quoted from Fanatiq on the Warzone 2 thread:
If you want old soCal, you’re still at a loss. Finesse doesn’t play anymore, duc,soo,potter,bill don’t play any more, clock is more focused on sf4 and doesn’t play marvel any more really (out of his own mouth). Mike Ross is sf4, reset doesn’t really play marvel any more, illan quit.


1st Post is updated! Also this is a sneak peak of the Neo vs Dorian $1K MM just days away which Neo has asked me to post up: