Preacher - Comic Book/Movie

Not sure if anyone here has been following the attempted movie adaption of Garth Ennis’ Preacher, but theres been some news after months and months of silence. Unfortunately it’s not really good news:

As a James Bond fan also, I hope that Mendes does a good job with the next film (I hated Quantum like poison), but it’s a shame he isn’t attached to Preacher anymore, I thought he would have been good for it.

I do like the idea of splitting the series into three movies, theres no way it could ever fit into one. Even a trilogy would require lots of cut content I think.

They’ve said it’s going to be faithful and definitely be an R rating, but another interview with the producer mentioned that the scripts also make it ‘more accessible’ to the general public, which set off alarm bells for me. I hope they don’t neuter the movie.

I’m sure there are at least a few fans of the series here that might be interested in the news, thoughts?

I apologise if there is already a thread for this somewhere, I did a search and couldn’t find anything.
Also I figured since we are discussing the movie as well, it would be better suited to Gen. Disc. rather than the Comic book forum.

Awesome comic. Hope they keep Arse Face but seems unlikely. As long as we get a shot of him lighting his cigs with a “Fuck Communism” zippo then ill be happy.

I want this as much as I want a Transmet movie: not at all. If it were an HBO series, it might have a chance but otherwise, no need to waste the IP trying to cram everything into 2-3 hours (it mentions 2 to 3 movies but that isn’t worth it.) On the other hand, the Saint of Killers backstory would be an amazing movie. They should roll with that.

Well that’s what they said about Watchmen as well, right? And that wasn’t a complete disaster.

…actually I agree completely with you - Preacher will never ever work properly as a movie, just like how Watchmen didn’t. But as long as you keep the two ideas of Preacher: The Movie and Preacher: The Comic Book completely separate…no reason why you can’t still enjoy a movie version.

I agree with Carpet Lint in this case. I know that any movie they make won’t be able to top the Comic, but at the same time I would love to see Preacher get the kind of attention and treatment that Watchmen got. The movie ended up really helping the Watchmen comic/graphic novel, and got so many people to read it and love it. Not to mention, it would be great to see stuff like ‘War in the Sun’ and the fight between Jesse and Jodie up on the big screen.

Also, yeah the Saint of Killers backstory would be a very cool movie.

I wasn’t a big fan of watchmen, the movie or the book (although I have a lot of appreciation for the work that went into both). But I think what HBO has done to bring good programming to television is underutilized when you have these kinds of properties to work with. Watchmen as a 6 part miniseries would have brought a lot of money to a network. The Preacher as a television show would be nothing short of a spectacle. This of course is not saying that a mini series provides a great format for the integrity of the work; but if you take a look at The Stand (albeit it is missing a lot from the book) and Sci Fi’s attempt at the Dune mini series, they were pretty solid efforts.

Considering the work that went into Farscape, Babylon 5, the work that goes into Lost or Heroes, there are definitive ways to make decent TV shows; somebody just needs to cross that bridge for the networks.

I agree with a Series being the best way to make Preacher, especially if they could get a long run created. Even then though, they ran into the same problems at HBO, claiming it was too violent/touchy to commission it I believe. Also at that stage the director was the guy who did Ghost Rider, so maybe that series getting axed was a blessing in disguise.

Could be; but the Preacher isn’t really that violent. Only reason why it won’t get touched is because thematically it would piss off too many people in the United States. It has some crazy shit, but Transmetropolitan is far more violent than the Preacher. The thing about all these comic books is that they lose the story telling depth when moved to a constrained media.

Take the movie V for Vendetta. I absolutely love the movie; the comic book is completely different as it spends more of its time focusing on the psychological aspects of the people who make the machinery run. They took almost all of it out (otherwise it would have been equal to watchmen), and a lot of fans are angry at it. The problem is that the movie did a good job of translating V’s story, which hopefully makes you buy the comic book so you can read, enjoy and appreciate (which worked in my case). This may be sacrilegious to say but, Watchmen could have use the same treatment to produce something that was easier on the movie. The main plot in both of the comic books is good enough to make a movie.

I agree with you 100% that the religious commentaries and references in Preacher are holding it back more than violence, but I’m surprised you don’t find it that violent.
Spoilers for those who haven’t read the comic
We see someone get their head shot apart, another person get their face cut off and nailed back on, upside down, a dog get a nine-inch nail through the head and hanging from a fence post, and just the way that cassidy tears open necks is pretty full-on as well (Seeing as he doesn’t have fangs). Transmetropolitan I haven’t read in years now (plan to have a re-read soon though), but I don’t remember it being much worse than Preacher though.


I’m in the exact same boat with V for Vendetta. I only read the comic after seeing and really liking the movie. The movie and the book are really leagues apart in their message (and in my opinion, I think the comic is better overall), but I really do enjoy both.

I can see what you are saying about the watchmen movie, as it wasn’t an easy film to watch if you didn’t know what you were in for. I went to see it at Imax on opening weekend and as I left I was eavesdropping other people leaving and almost everyone was talking about how ‘boring’ it was. At the end of the day though, I think that Watchmen was still a good movie in it’s own right, but I also think it would have been much harder to transfer to film than V for Vendetta would have been.

Speaking of that, it seems that Preacher has taken up the title of ‘Hardest comic book to make into a movie’ now that Watchmen has been done. I imagine that they would milk that for all it’s worth in the marketing “They said it could never be done…” etc etc.

The movie was more or less exactly the same thing as the comic. I understand a few things were switched with lines and a few important events left out entirely but 90% or more of every panel was translated perfectly on the screen. IMO to not like the movie but like the comic makes no sense.

Preacher has a lot of sexual humor and religious shit that would raise more controversy then the violence we see in most other movies.

Saint of killers VS Kratos movie would be a terrific sequel obviously =P

None of the stuff you mentioned is too crazy. You take a look at some of the old vampire movies and they are just as gory (From Dusk Till Dawn has a bunch of blood and violence as well as any Tarantino film). By the same token, Saw and Hostel were just as horrific and utter garbage (in Saw’s defense it is supposed to have a pretty complex story line, the first one did not do it for me though). Even better, add Se7en into the mix and you have one giant pile of fucked up in a 2 pound bag; and the movie was just deranged and amazing. The only really crazy thing the Preacher has going for it is the meatfucker, everything is nothing that hasn’t been done before by Hollywood.

What transmet has going for it as violence is just how much is spider’s go to action to accomplish something. As much as I love the comic book, it is definitely where it strikes a chord with me. Now, Y: The Last man could definitely be made into a 3 part movie series. Its overall plot is fairly easy to follow but the comic book is still flames all over the place. Now, if you really want a violent one, 100 Bullets. Need to get back on that one as the first couple of issues are fantastic.

Watchmen lost a lot of pull from me once I realized that it was the polished version of V for Vendetta. That fucker sold me the same comic book twice; damn tart.

Cronenberg films, Italian giallo flicks, Salo are way worse than someone fucking meat sex dolls in a shed. Seven, the Hannibal series, Predator, Alien, all have incredibly fucked up imagery in them. Even Conan the Barbarian had James Earl Jones feeding Conan’s dad to rottweilers and a cannibal orgy.

Neither Preacher nor Transmetropolitan would work as movies. Hour long cable shows or bust.

One hour an issue with James Marsden as Jesse. I heard that was being shot around and that would be great.

I did not read the post of this thread.

I will now talk about AMC.


Yeah, I always figured James Marsden would be a great Jesse.

Dude, I hope they don’t fuck this up.

And Zoolander, the movie was lacking a lot of the more interesting stuff from the book in regards to watchmen.

Yeah, I always figured James Marsden would be a great Jesse.

Dude, I hope they don’t fuck this up.

And Zoolander, the movie was lacking a lot of the more interesting stuff from the book in regards to watchmen.

To give the Watchmen movie credit, they DESTROYED the first montage of the film. After seeing that I was like “holy shit, I am watching the Watchmen movie, AND IT’S GOOD”

Then it got good, then it got bad, then it got good, and bad, and so on.

The ending was dumb.

Read a lot of Punisher MAX then heard about Preacher. Still haven’t had time to take a look but I hear good things. This might just spur me into actually reading it.

You know you are right, I think the violence in Preacher isn’t sickening or horrible, but I also think it’s up there with some of the more graphic stuff I’ve seen/read. I wouldn’t write it off as being tame in comparison to other stuff if that makes sense. I know what you mean about Transmet in regards to violence though, I still remember reading that Chair Leg scene and finding it pretty disturbing for example.

I think that they could possibly work as a series of (long) movies. Again they will still need to chop and change stuff, but if they can capture that ‘Feeling’ of the comics they could be decent movie adaptions and good movies in their own right I think.

Definitely worth reading if you liked Punisher Max (and doubly so if you liked his Marvel Knights Punisher run/Welcome back Frank.).

In related news, it seems that The Boys is getting the hollywood treatment as well.


Garth Ennis hasn’t given shit to the world that’s worth anything, EXCEPT Preacher. So why go and fuck it all up now? There’s no way you can fit all this material into a movie. Let alone some of the CG that you KNOW they will use for the Heaven/Hell sequences will be horrendous. They will also completely obliterate all sub-plots (Saint of All Killers, Arse Face, Jesse’s family) that gave the comic it’s flare, it’s personality. People that’re excited for this just don’t seem to get that one medium should NOT transfer to another, because most don’t do it well, and this is bound to do it all kinda horribly (think about how different Watchmen and* V for Vendetta* were, despite being somewhat praised). Fuck this idea.