Preacher TV Show on May 22nd. Arseface announces candidacy for President!


Skeptical as all hell but…Let the sacrilege and hype begin!


AMC does some great shows. I’ve never read Preacher, but I’ve heard mention of it from my comic-head friends. Given their treatment of The Walking Dead, I’ll watch it. :tup:


Stop posting on SRK and go read it. Its fucking amazing from top to bottom.

Manx, it has a character named The Saint of Killers. As soon as you read about him, you’re gonna TPK whole groups with him.


I enjoyed Preacher. Owner of the comic book store recommended it to me and I thought it was pretty damn good. Religious nuts are going to complain more than likely but eh whatever. It’s been awhile since I read it so parts of the comic are now fuzzy to me. Very curious on who is going to get picked for the cast…especially the irish vampire.


They’re going to nerf the shit out of the TV show on AMC… Why couldn’t Showtime or HBO get it instead?

That said, I am still eagerly awaiting this show. Get the casting director from Walking Dead and it should be a hit just from an acting standpoint alone.


I don’t know, after seeing some of the gore effects in TWD, I bet they’d be able to show a lot of stuff from Preacher.


Hoping for the best with preacher. Still no American Gods adaptation??? for shame…


Just cast somebody cool as hell for Cassidy please?


I know Samuel L. Jackson wanted to be the Saint of Killers in a “movie” version forever.

I don’t see much controversy for it in the future, was there for Constantine?


They show tits on AMC too, just not Game of Thrones level boobage. I wouldn’t be surprised if by S.4 they have full-on penetration. Dragon Penetration.


HBO was in talks to produce a Preacher show years ago, but it never went through. Anyways I never finished Preacher only have the first 3 volumes I should finish it someday before the show.

it’s kind of cool Seth Rogen is writing so I’m sure it’ll be funny, but why not get Garth Ennis somehow involved or is he of the mind of Alan Moore and wishes to be free of all adaptation involvement?


I have no idea what Garth’s m.o. is concerning adaptations. If he gets a show on HBO it would have to be for The Boys.


I love Samuel L. Jackson but he needs to fuck off. If I don’t get Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford as the Saint of Killers in a movie, we fucking riot.


Clint Eastwood can barely stand and talk let alone try and star in a weekly show that isn’t his family being terrible at life.


Not a fan of PReacher but happy to hear this, hope it ends up being good.

Also still find it funny Garth Ennis of all people is still one of the GOATs when it comes to writing Superman.


So pilot script came out. Only a few pages were scanned to the net but its being passed around Hollywood. Wouldnt be surprised if the whole shabang is up by Monday.


I was intrigued until I read that Seth Rogan was writing it.


Dude that is really year old news. But he seems to be making a SHITLOAD of changes and we never got an adaptation or series from him before (that I recall). So Im willing to see what he got.

I would be more worried about AMC and what they might censor or if they wanna slash the budget in the middle of production (AMC so cheap). Rogen having a louder voice than Gilligan, Darabont (who was fired from his own show), or Weiner might be a good thing.


gonna be a bunch of horseshit, calling it now.


I have faith in AMC to not fuck it up.