Predasus Quest! - An Akuma Video Series on YouTube!

Check it out at: YouTube - predasus’s Channel
It’s the 2 videos marked “Predasus Quest” in the title.
Let me know what you think!

So today I decided to chronicle my progress as an Akuma player on YouTube and I’m calling it Predasus Quest!

I feel as though I’m starting to get some of the finer points down and it’s time to start spreading some ranked videos around. I’m looking to get some opinions on my play, and I also want to keep track of my progress in becoming a somewhat respectable Akuma player.

I’m hoping to do a few videos a week, along with live streams of ranked matches on ustream every now and again.

I’ll be posting more soon as well as a retrospective video from before I got my TE stick and I thought I was a bad ass. Some funny stuff there … :xeye:

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

P.S. I know I’m not an exceptionally great Akuma player … that’s kinda why I’m doing this … to get better! :nunchuck:

Sounds sort of how I started to learn the game. I started up the video blog thread and I got alot of good input on it, and I think it made me a little better :slight_smile:

I hope this video log does the same for you. I’ll keep track with it

You probably get a bigger response if ya posted this in the critique / video threads. Lots of people are subscribed to those and would see the post

If you have a decent connection, add me and I’ll help out. Im not amazing but Im decent

Hmm, nice. I feel like doing this to, will post it in the other thread though to avoid too many of these. Good luck my friend.

thanks for the feedback guys. glad to see some people are down for this! Just posted another video showing where I’m at in terms of stats and another ranked match I played against a cammy.

YouTube - predasus’s Channel

I can say this helped me as well. Look at any of my older videos. I was freakin terrible. Now Im only half as scrubby and a lot of it came from watching my matches and people critiquing


  • Dont fireball Cammy on her wake up when she has U1 stocked. She can blow right past the fireball

  • Added to that, stop letting your opponents get up for free. Akuma is all about getting knockdowns? and then? mixing his opponent up during their wake up. Fireball chip damage is not gonna cut it

  • Work on your punishes. I saw that Cammy land a deep blocked Spiral Arrow. There were much damaging combos you could have gone for, or a throw. A back throw would put her in the corner, meaning you can limit her options and shut her down. Or a forward throw to set up a safe DF kick

  • If you had done cr.MP or cl.HP into Ex Tatsu, it would have sent Abel (or Ryu after the dizzy) into the corner to juggle with HP SRK

  • Throw him out of all those rolls.

  • No more random, or non-hit confirmed Tatsus

  • Dont FA when your opponent is dizzied. Adds too much scaling. Set up a j.HK into f.RH into BnB

thanks for the feed back … i’ll have more match-ups posted tomorrow. i really appreciate it bro!

You gonna put our fights up?

Nah … i think they’re all lost … I was playing so poorly then … ugh

I did some work on combos today, so I’ll probably be putting something up soon … maybe next time you catch me on a “good” day I’ll throw them up. lol

those matches were seriously embarrassing … :\

I am SO salty right now … i went through a good long period of really feeling like i was getting somewhere. Now, I’ve not only hit a brick wall … every match feels like my opponent is beating my skull in with the brick wall and his concrete buddies … its ridiculous. I feel as though my execution is there and i don’t think im being predictable but i seem to be running in place.

From 2000+ bp all the way down to 700 in 1 day … someone shoot me. i know online doesn’t matter but having no one in my immediate area that plays makes it all ive got :confused: sorry for the pity party but i just needed to vent … anyone got any good sites for akuma training tips other than lordofultima’s youtube? … i need to hit the freakin books :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not about execution and being predictable.

it’s not about bp. man you need to approach the game differently.

hey, what i found really useful in helping improve my akuma game is going on and just watching videos of tokido. break the game down and try to figure out why he’s doing the things he’s doing.

from what ive seen of your videos, you basically play a very simple runaway game. while this isn’t bad, i rarely see you land damaging combos or even simple BnBs. learn to hit confirm cr. lp -> lk. tatsu -> fierce/ex shoryu. if they block then you can end with cr. mk -> hadouken or some other type of safe block string.

also, i think someone mentioned it but end your cross up tatsus with a sweep or a shoryuken. the sweep is preferable because it gets you your untechable knockdown where you can begin mixing up with safe jump setups, divekicks, demon grabs, cross ups, overheads, air hados, get creative.

basically, just relax, practice and have fun with it. another way to improve your overall game is playing against people but limiting yourself, or focussing on what you need to improve upon. ive played games where my main goal is to just cr. fp or shoryuken every jump in. try different things, then slowly you’ll be able to put it all together.

sorry for this getting long, but another piece of advice is to try other characters out. sometimes just taking a break from a character will help you improve. most notably, your footsies should improve by playing different characters.

cheers and good luck!

Well I meant to infer that I was losing a LOT of matches in a row … it’s frustrating and bothering me. After my last loss I nearly tossed my TE out the window. It was my 15th LOSS IN A ROW in which almost every match I was a c.lp away from victory and my opponent would pull some crazy voodoo magic out of their ass and bust out a win from a half bar behind. I’ve gone back and watched what I did wrong, so it was a learning experience for sure, but man o man did I want to do something bad to the nearest piece of plastic earlier. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t play for BP at all, I play to have fun. But losing that many matches in a row is basically the exact opposite of a good time.

How would you suggest I approach the game FPS? I’m open to suggestions.

my youtube has a lot of akuma specific setups and insight.
YouTube - rugiOHHHH’s Channel

climbing my way back to the top … spent a LOT of time in training mode and on youtube just practicing up on my links. it seems as though they are pretty much my main weakness as of right now. but a bunch of great games later and i got back up past 2k again. sitting at 1707 right now however … went on a small slide but i’ll be posting some nice matches up soon.

thanks for the info rugi … awesome stuff you’ve got going on. def. insightful for a scrub like me. i’ve watched every video you posted. awesome job.

need some help on bison blanka guile and vega matchups for sure. if anyone has any solid advice or videos on the subject … post em up!

Yeah… I know what you’re feeling. I’m going through something similar right now. I’m gonna post up about a dozen matches tomorrow for Rugi since he offered to help me with my play. It’s no fun at all when you lose matches for stupid shit. But, I’ve resigned myself to this period of “black noise”. I know eventually, things will click in place. They’re starting to recently, though I’m still losing more games than I’m winning. But at least I can keep up with some heavy hitters online.