Predator: Dark Ages


Predator vs Knights Templar:


I hate how un-talked about this short film is, it’s fucking great.

I hope we see more people doing crazy shit with the Predator.


neat concept, a bit of the typical fanmade overacting and funny casting (kept loling at the old guy), but cool :3


Damn that was pretty damn cool lol. Better than fucking sausages. :expressionless:


Just watched it, that was really good.


Very well done fan film, polished cinematography as well . I always wanted to see this concept in the past.


This was pretty solid actually, I’m impressed.


nice share


Just watched it. Ok now i can definitely appreciate the effort, creativity, and what it TRIED to do. The concept is cool for sure but…

…the whole thing ended up underwelming, and the build up was more than they could deliver. I hope they make more and improve on their weak spots.


It was great. Good stuff. Predator seems like he would be easier to do than some other characters. They should do more. I’d like to see another urban story of the predator. Predator 2’s environment was pretty awesome.


Thought this was the Pill Cosby thread. Sorry…


The production values are pretty amazing for a zero budget project.


I really enjoyed the Concrete Jungle game, a few years back.