Predator fanart

Whoa there is so many nice artist in tis forum now cool :smiley:
Anyway here’s a predator fanart that i did, but i didnt like the
shoulder bazooka weopon though.

wow i like it,even the “shoulder bazooka”

Oh thanks dude i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Predator rocks. When I took a look at the pic, it was simply amazing. Good work.

nice pic… lineart & colours go well together.

the URL in your sig ( doesn’t work for me :frowning:

oh, and how did you find PM Lee’s rally speech? :slight_smile: has plenty of avp fanarts

TRAVIS - thanks bro!

Rook - Thanks! i’ve cancelled that web account oready, but for the time being you can access to all my works at - hey thanks for the add that AVP fanart site was good, i love those 3D predators they did, looks damn good ya :slight_smile:

Muy Frio!!! :eek: I love the ferocity in his face. Hmm I wonder if there are female pred, or they’re asexual/hermaphrodite? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome work! :cool:

white shadow - thank you! haaha i wonder what a female pred looks like :slight_smile:

Holy Knight - thanks alot :smiley: