PREDATORS Best Pred film since '87

Scans on the game from various mags, with pics.

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Pred film info;

Predators are Coming July 7, 2010 -
Predator Reboot on the Fast Track for 2010! -


i just hope the predators now arent like the first AvP predators, those guys were pussies.

now if the new predators had the skills of the second AvP predator, then no human could beat that

Wow, Robert Rodriguez is directing the new movie?:looney:

Needs more Danny Glover.

I love the AVP games. Also, knowing that Robert Rodriguez is doing the movie also makes me quite happy.

holy shit, the game looks SICK…and the movie might be tight since Robert Rodriguez is directing it…im a huge fan of the predator/aliens universe so im hella hyped…

and there is also another aliens fps game and an aliens rpg or mmorpg thats coming out…

im outi


Another Predator movie… finally… the only thing that worries me is that it’s gonna be a series reboot… at first it would be Predator 3 but is was slated “too big” :confused:

Which leaves one last thing to say…

Ruuuuuun, Gooooooooooooo!!!
Get to da choppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I posted some stuff about the new AVP game in the Lounge thread. It’ll also be on 360/PS3 in addition to PC I guess.

EDIT: Fuck, Shade beat me to it.

Game looks extremely awesome.

Predator 3 movie… doesn’t sound so hot…

He’s getting to old for that shit.

I want to be excited for Predator 3, but after the AVP movies…its hard to look at the dude the same way again :frowning:

You’d think it would be hard to fuck up a movie about one of the most badass creatures ever seen on the screen.


Yeah I gotta be honest, the little blurb about Sin City 2 and The Jetsons was a lot more exciting than a new Predator.

my mainstream media consumption is restricted purely to hell’s kitchen and the occasional AVP film. AVP gives me the only reason to go to a movie theater for years.

AVP3 is being developed by the old team.

I am floored!

Play the shit outta the first two.

About goddamn time we got another AVP3, lost countless hours to AVP2 until my comp crapped out and stopped playing 3d games. Glad to see the old team is sticking with it.

That makes the Predators too damn broken.
See I like what they did in the first movie. The Predator was straight beasting on everyone but Arnold used his head and went guerrilla tactics on the Predator.

Essentially for a PRedator movie to wreck shop, when the humans win (as they always do), it has to be shown in a scope where ‘tis nothing, we could pwn you whenever, itsp urely because of code that you survived’.

And Danny glover at least needs a cameo.

  • :bluu:

That’s interesting: Robert Rodriguez named his sons Rocket Valentino, Racer Maximilliano, Rebel Antonio, and Rogue Joaquin.

We need Batman too. :xeye:

That AVP3 PC game looks amazing. I remember playing the original games and being all tense and nervous when I’m walking through a dark cooridor and my motion sensor is steadily beating faster and faster.