feels like people can read my mind and know what im about to do


they just dont care and do whatever they want know its going to counter whatever im doing, they could sneeze and it totally counters my moves!!!

i try to cancel a lot and i mix up everything but weather they block it or not i just somehow get smashed every time.

i eat souls with vega and wake up mindgames, and rarely use specials at all with him i can just feel what people are thinking when im vega

but with Elf i feel like somebody gave me a lobotomy!

is there any usual method to faking those dashes and landing anything.

Press more buttons.

I agree press more buttons, shower kick is good to confuse opponents since it’s like a roll when they are down. Also jabs can confuse them alot. If you keep jabbing before they get up then they can.
1.Block = Go for a quick frog splash/propeler tortilla ( they might crouch to counter that splash throw)
2.Reversal = Block this, punish
3. Backdash = Propeller/Splash/Splash throw
4. Teleport/roll = If fighting akuma for example, be prepared for this.

Similar mindgames can also be applied with FA.

Oh and use Quick stop and backstep when dashing alot. Helps bait stuff.

Not to be mean but a little more specific like are you trying to punish them on wake up and “eat souls” i dunno what that means like tell us what moves you are using maybe we can give tips as for vega

knock down…perfect timed tortilla if he moves punish…over and over cheap as hell anticipate his jump quac …thats it

Maybe you don’t have that Fuerte Flow and shouldn’t play him. Net a knockdown and just do a couple run stops but don’t do anything. Gauge your opponent’s reaction. Do they panic? Maybe go for a crossup splash if they seem panicky. When you use splashes do they react with a high block or a focus? If so, bust out some fajita busters (hp while running forward)… into some s.lp chopstrings… I don’t know. Your question is so vague and it just takes practice to learn how to not be predictable. You have more options than any other character on knockdown. Learn to meaty slide?

I’ve been getting smashed lately myself… the best advice I can give is based on reflections of what I havent done enough:

  1. Calm down.

  2. Feint more. If the opponent does not give a shit and does whatever they want, then LET them and counter accordingly.

  3. Remember to use EX run to absorb two hits and do what you need to get in and get that knockdown

  4. Press more buttons, El Fuerte has more then just the moves on the Run, several of these are amazingly useful (cFP for anti Air, cMK is prolly his best poke and fastest normal, standing Far HK, the Dropkick, hits a Focuser TWICE)

  5. Distance control. Tostada press, Fajita buster, Tortilla Propeller, Ultra, wall jump, whatever you do off the wall, ALL of it can have it’s distance controlled. remember that

My guess is that if everything your opponent does counters your moves, you’re too close. Get the Hell away from them once in a while.

I play Claw too. Claw has these really good long range pokes which Fuerte doesn’t have. Just because they both bounce off walls doesn’t mean they play the same. You can’t really outpoke or outrange anyone with Fuerte. With Fuerte, you want to be right in their face one moment, then suddenly on the other side of the screen.

If you need more feints, try crouching, then let go the stick and do a standing lp, or whiff a crouching lk. That will make your opponent think you’ve messed up your execution and let them get cocky.

So they can predict what you’re going to do? Make like that Seinfeld episode, and do EXACTLY the opposite. Then you win.

you need to mix it up more. i found myself usually doing the same 3 mixups and then realized that i should be changing it up a lot more.

for example, when they’re knocked down, i run back, i’d always tortilla. now its either that or run-stop, or several run stops, or splash from back-run. gotta always change it up.