Prediction, Reaction, and how to fix them?


Hello. I’ve recently decided to pick Sagat in SSF4. I’m having a difficult time trying to actually keep out my opponents. I always end up losing a lot because I cannot for the life of me react to jump-ins. The positioning for his Heavy kick is never in the position for AA, so I generally use his TU. Opponents who have charge fireballs (Oni, Akuma, E.Ryu) are always able to beat out my TS and then I run out of options because I’m fullscreen and can’t really do anything else. I believe I’m too predictable and am constantly having my opponent jump over my TS.

Is there anyway to work on my reaction time? I believe that would keep me safer if I could constantly AA without my opponent ever jumping in. I’m also wondering if there is some sort of guide to zoning with Sagat.


Try to throw TS at a range where they cannot jump and reach you with a jumping attack.
Sagat’s TS should out shoot any other characters fireballs.
Don’t throw TS at a range where they can just jump over it and hit you.
When you are close - medium range, use crouching Medium Kick and cancel into fireball, so they cannot jump over it.
After throwing a TS, prepare to do a uppercut as most likely they will jump.
At medium range, start blocking low as most players will poke you. When they realise they cant hit you on the ground, they will jump in. Prepare to do uppercuts when defending.