Predictions/Statements that came true much, much later

I’m talking about things like “Duke Nukem Forever will come out some day.” It was totally underwhelming (from what I heard), but the point is we never thought it would come out.

I’m figuring that either in technology/entertainment/our own personal lives, there had to have been predictions/statements like that you laughed at, and were right to at the time. But then it happened way down the line. Sometimes decades. Something you never thought would come true came true.

This interests me, because I’m realizing a while back Ed Boon (of Mortal Kombat) said that the team was focusing on a reboot of the series that would take the game back to it’s bloody roots. It would be more violent than ever. Then came Mortal Kombat… Versus DC. Ed said this around 2006-2007, right after Armageddon. I wasn’t following MK at that point. I just found it funny that “Don’t go in there Batman, it’s Sub-Zero!” now made sense for a Mortal Kombat game. Then came Midway’s Bankruptcy, and the MK team being acquired by Warner Brothers Games. Warner Brothers? Don’t they make looney tunes or some shit? MK would never get that violent, gritty reboot. MK9 proved me right the fuck wrong though. I know I seem to talk about MK a lot, but here it’s more about how right the statement turned out to be, even if it was extremely late.

So those are the elements: The Prediction/statement is made, and pushed aside for good reasons. But it comes 100% true much later. Things you personally said can count too, not just things you heard. The most obvious game ones after DNF are SF4/MVC3, but I know some of you heard how iPods were going to dominate the market way before that happened. Something like that.