Prefer 3D fighting games

And almost dislike 2D fighting games, but see, I have no 3D fighting games and no cash to get TTT2. I suck at fighting games, but have more fun with 3D. So I play Tekken Revolution recently, which made me want to start playing fighting games again after a year in half. Problem is, thanks to PS PLUS, I only have SSF4, and KoF13. While good games, they are 2D.

So I have no choice but to learn SSF4.

Question being what are the big differences between both. Still trying to find a character on SSF4, definitely dislike most of the cast just from aesthetics, like what I think they call the “Shoto” characters, or the Kens and Ryu’s or whatever. Twiddling with Guy and Fei Long, but I don’t know. As I play Marshall law in Tekken Rev, and used to play Eddy in other Tekken games, who also would be a good character to start with? because frankly this game is really hard to get into compared to Tekken, not saying its bad but I just enjoy 3D more, ya know, so unless someone here wants to buy me TTT2 ^_^, I’m just gonna ask if you can help me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok even though I said I didn’t like Ryu, I think I am going with Oni. He just looks and feels awesome. Freakkin Super Saiyan.

Well I guess I’ll just learn on my own now that I have realized that this was probably a dumb thread

If you don’t like the game, why the hell are you playing it? It’s not like you MUST play a fighting game, don’t force yourself to do something you dislike so much.

I’m probably just wasting my time with a troll here.

tekken and street fighter are very different
the one thing I would want you to get out of this is learning how to punish and links

Just sell those two games and go buy TTT2, duh.

He’s a Playstation Plus Subscriber, which means the games he got were digital copies.