Prefered Audio Equipment


We all know that display latency is important for FGs, which is why CRTs are the intuitive best option for most 2D fighters, but what about audio? If you’re looking for high quality audio, what is the best option for that? Certain types of audio signals are encoded which means they need to be decoded, which results in audio latency. Sound is important, so what would people say is the best option for sound in a fighting game; for CRTs and LCDs?


What is the bets for Audio quality, CRTs and LCDs?
Well nether.

The best CRT screens out there lack speakers and PC monitor LCDs are not known for their audio quality.
Don’t confuse video technology with audio tech. If you want the best in audio quality

Not true. For non-HD sources 240p, 480i, 480p, 576i and 576p a CRT screen performs best.
HD sources works best with a HD screen, CRT screens that support 1080i are quite rare.

Ad for the game being 2D or 3D has no bearing.


daaaamn, Dark with the informative post to make a dude feel dumb but not giving him an answer in the process. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve personally never heard audio latency in any system I’ve ever had, not with games. Have experienced it multiple times with DVD movies, but never bluray or games.


Because there is no answer.

HDTVs should have audio and video in sync via the HDMI cable.
The only way your audio be out of sync is if you are using a exterior amplifier.

Audio signals and encoding will really vary with DTS and Dolby being encrypted.
Most 7.1 surround sound speakers still uses un-encrypted analog.

Most medium range HD TVs has an analog stereo out so do many HD Monitors.


Well, I figured LCD tvs would rely more on HDMI or Optical out than analog CRTs, so I thought there might be a difference there.

So with that out of the way, what would be a decent setup for audio then? I’ve been reading that soundbars are a horrible idea…


Hard to say, Good audio set ups can get much more complicated than video.

If you don’t care about DTS or Dolby audio then a good analog receiver would be fine.
A Stereo receiver from the 70s can fit that bill

Now if you care about DTS and Dolby you want a modern receiver that accepts digital input ether tos link (optical or RCA) or HDMI.

If you are just using headphones, a good PC USB headphone set would work great for the PS3 and PS4.
You still need the receiver for Xbox 360 , Xbox one and Wii U.

This sub reddit goes over the console settings pretty well

For Equipment I would hit the forums

here is a good thread to start looking

Here is another thread for hardware


If you want a simple solution, go with a nice set of over-ear headphones.

If you want stereo, go find a stereo receiver and a pair of speakers with a good range (Goodwill is a good place to start, oddly enough). Likewise with 2.1, quadraphonic, 5.1, or whatever kids use these days.

Research as much as you are interested in knowing. Once you understand the basic principles of acoustics it will look like common sense.

Don’t worry about latency. You will adapt.


You don’t really need 5.1 for fighting games. They were just using a Turtle Beach set at Evo, weren’t they?


I agree, unlike Video technology, audio tech hasn’t made analog obsolete. Decades old tech works just fine.
Some prefer the warmer sound older analog audio equipment makes.




But in this case, your starting source (the video game console) is digital, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to send the signal through a good DAC.


Not necessarily so.
You can tap into the HD TV or Monitors audio line out or headphone jack and get analog audio that is in sync with the video.
Video input lag is also known for out of sync audio, not just missed combos.

So your HDTV has 10 to 25 ms delay, you are going to hear it too unless your TV and Audio receiver talk to each other digitally for timing.


Wasn’t referring to lag. The built-in analog converters they use on consoles and TVs aren’t that good compared to what you can add to your setup.


Half-truth. Digital to Analog converters to vary