Preferred Button Layout on Xbox 360 Stick?

I know it shouldnt matter much, but I wanted to gather options on button layouts, as I am to complete my stick tonight, which will involve the final wiring.

It will have 6 face up buttons, A, B, X, Y, RB, LB in the standard layout:

The question is, what is the preferred way to wire them up? I was thinking:

To keep the geographical Diamond shape and L and R intact, but since this is my first, what do you all find in applying your stick to non-fighting games?

I have mine setup like:


Works alright for me, plus if ever you don’t like it, you could always change the button config in the game you’re playing. :razzy:

I just looked up the Hori is set up:

Which I guess is meant to give kind of a neo geo layout for the four main buttons?

X Y (LB)
A B (RB)

Mine if going six button. If going eight button, the triggers can be put on either side, depending on if you normally play the far six or the close six. If playing an Xbox1 game, the LB and RB become white and black (although I can never remember which is which). The triggers can be a pain to wire so I skip those unless needed.

The HRAP EX for Xbox360 has this layout:
(LT) X Y (LB)
(RT) A B (RB)
but the button layout is made so that if playing a 6 button street fighter game, you use the far six which matches what I use above.

Thanks for the help, I ended up going with what you suggested Toodles, and so far Im already happy with it, as Ikaruga’s default 3 buttons are A B and Rb, all of which were on my bottom row.

I finished it last night, and if anyone is interested here is my build webpage -

Or just the final pics:


Thats one awesome stick and build journal. Do you have the exact dimensions of the box you built? I’d like to try to build one with similar dimensions.

Are you using all sanwa buttons and joystick?

Nice stick and good job on the builders’ log!


The overall box dimensions are 12"x9"x2 1/8"

That makes the inner panel and graphic 11"x8" with 1/2" wood.

I made the depth 2 1/8" because for the interior blocks, I just cut up a 1 1/2" stick into 3/4" blocks. 1.5" + 1/4" (bottom panel) + 1/4" (top panel) + 1/8" (top acrylic) = 2 1/8"

The joystick is a Sanwa JLF, the buttons are Seimitsu 30mm with clear plunger. The guide/back/start buttons are Yenox.

Thanks Indy for the kind words!