Preferred button layout thread


First off I am starting this thread to try and be productive in curving some of the spam in the I love My New Arcade thread (2nd ed.). This is just a thread for us to discuss our layout preferences without interrupting other topics.

It seems the most popular layout is the classic 6 button. There is nothing wrong with that. For games like Street fighter or any 6 button fighter I like that…

But my overall preference is 8 button. This comes partially from paranoia that at some point there will be a game that may actually require these. And my SNK layout is not a normal one. I play with all 4 fingers in a line. (a curved line as I like the Japanese curved layout more than a straight straight layout mainly for the comfort reason of my hand does not bend that way.

Sorry about the mini rant on that. Other contenders are the hybrid 7 button layout and the SNK hardcore 4 button layout (at least that I am aware of at time of making this post).

Maybe I’ll post pictures later of the various layouts or something or maybe I’m just lazy and am getting tired of spam when I want to look at other peoples shiny new sticks.

So 4, 6, 7, or 8, American straight or Japanese curved. I leave it to you.


There will never be a game that needs 8 buttons. Games that stray from the 6 button layout only ever go for LESS. They’d alienate so many people by going for more than that.

To answer the question though, 6 button Vewlix. Good thing about Vewlix is you can still play SNK games quite well using the top 3 and the bottom left button. I don’t really see the need for a hybrid 7 with a japanese button layout.


6 button american here.

I’ve just used it for so long, I can’t imagine anything else.


sf1 punch pads


6 button. I always plug or otherwise cover up the extra 2 buttons on an 8-button stick.


For a console arcade stick, 8 buttons. I’m sorry but in this day in age when developers are putting menu navigation on other buttons, I need those available to me. I have never had a problem with hitting the last two on any of my joysticks (I have 3 at the moment). If the argument is to be more like the arcade, that fine but these are still console games and menu navigation is sometime equally importance as is game play. I actually blank out the last two buttons in config menus just incase, and trust me, I have never hit them enough to be a problem.


Im all about 6 buttons. And even though you will never find it in a arcade, i like the Hrap 1 button layout the best. Last six buttons of course.


6 american. However, I do use the last two on BlazBlue for the Recording Dummy and stuff like that on other games. Never do I use them for the actual game itself.


If The buttons are Sanwa i can deal with a 6 button layout, but anything else has to be 8.


I like this layout:

Its a slightly modified sega astro city 1p side. Stick is farther to the left, buttons are as close as possible for screw in nuts.


From a pure gameplay perspective I’d say a 7-button configuration for a proper NeoGeo layout (top 4 buttons). I say 8 simply because some games do use certain shoulder buttons for navigation (like changing pages in BB lobby).


That makes no sense.

Anyways… I perfer an 8-button layout. I actually like having PPP and KKK assigned to one button. It makes comboing into ultras easier (for me) a lot of the time. I can still use a 6-button layout perfectly fine, though.


It makes sense to me.

I like hitting all three punches from my ultra, and leaving the other button open for something else. Sanwa buttons are super sensitive. So it’s no problem at all to hit all three punches at once(for me).I’m experimenting with putting focus attack on one button so i can focus attack dash cancel more easily. I play Dhalsim so i rarely ever use EX attacks. So freeing up buttons is possible for me. I just got my Joystick though. I’m sorry if i truely am making no sense. I’m still feeling things out.


6 button sega


6 button is the only way for me. Even feeling button plugs feels wrong.


8 button Astro City for me. Why? First of all, games are now using menus that require the triggers to go through some menu screens. Without an 8 button stick, I’d have to use a pad to navigate those.

Another reason is because I play guilty gear. “But GG cabinets use 6 button Vewlix layout!” Indeed they do, but think about this. GG is a 5 button game. Humans have 5 fingers. It makes sense that when you play GG you’d want one finger on each button, all the time.

The GG cabs use this configuration:

P   D

Why should I have to cramp my hand to keep my pinky on the D button? This is uncomfortable and counterintuitive. Here’s a much more comfortable GG layout:


This way I can have each button covered by a finger at all times, very comfortably (due to the slight arch of the astro city positioning). I can’t do that on a 6 button layout!


6 button sega


Vewlix all the way.

It depends to me, if it is a custom - I’d rather have a six button setup.

If it’s a manufactured stick - 8 button (or at least have the last 2 available somewhere for the sake of navigating menus) I rest my pinky in between the Top 3rd and 4th button rims - sorta my ‘home key’ while playing. Buttom macros are fail, however, manually pressing three buttons shouldn’t be an issue (unless you only have two fingers)


6 button layout + extra down left (u know the RUN from mortal kombat 3).

so i can use the bottom 4 for SNK… and the extra button for UMK3.


Spammings of the 3p and 3k :smiley: