Preferred Control methods?

When it comes to playing fighters at home what do you prefer to use.

I use all the methods I mentioned above.

On 360 and Gamecube I use the analog sticks.

PS2, Regular XBOX and Dreamcast I use my MAS sticks.

huggles my dual VSHG’s


And for arcade sticks if you chose that which type?

American, Japanese or Korean?

Sanwa for life.

I use a HRAP ( ordering my buttons for my bday next month ) and I gotta say, the first 2 weeks I used it I had to get used to it but I will never go back, I just find a pad is really crappy for pulling off certain moves and I did try to go back to a pad just to see and no…just no.

Sticks FTW!

There is no choice for my SNES pad, which is my method of choice. Un fortlunely Ive never seen a converter and probably never will. SNES pad was made for ST.

I swear by my Mas sticks. Do they use HRAP parts?

i only have one 3:



How was the snes pad made for ST?


Brilliantly; Ive only played SF II, SFII Hyper fighting, SSF II, And Alpha II on my Snes pad, and to me there is no comparison. Im sure that if I could play ST Id find it to be much more accurate on my snes pad as well.

I think there might be a consensus on this from older players. If you grew up with SF II in the arcade and on SNES, you probably understand. Dont get me wrong, sticks are great and theyre the only meduim Ive competed on, but if I had it my way, Id use the SNES pad for everything released before MvC and 3s.

Seconded. SNES for the win. It fits like a glove for me.

well i said that cuz ST didnt come out for snes

Man, you don’t have keyboard!!

WASD ftw! S->D fireball motion.

I really can’t disagree more. The most disappointing thing to me about SNES SF2 when World Warrior came out was playing on SNES pads. They don’t even have a six-button layout. The Saturn pads were superior in every way, but even still, arcade stick >>>>>>>>>>>>>> pads.

I use a regular PS2 controller, although I’d like to get an arcade stick, especially with Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 1 out.

Stick, as usual.

In lieu of that, a Saturn pad or XYZABC Genesis pad.

Wait, people play fighting games with out real arcade sticks? That is insane.

how about an entry for keyboard players :(, i saw a few people who modded keyboards to play at tournaments.

Those people should be shot. A+ for the dedication though.

And an F for retardation.

Keyboards aren’t that bad.

I play MvC much better with a keyboard than with my sticks.

MvC2 is another story :rofl:.