Preferred Input Device & Button Selection


I didn’t see a thread on this, so I’m starting one.

What is everyone using for control setups? It seems excessive, but I’ve been using the LK and MK buttons on my T.E. stick. I feel like I’m just a hair faster on that controller than anything else I would use. I experimented with using one hand for each button, but I ended up feeling more comfortable using my right index finger for Dive and right middle finger for Kick.

A friend of mine was using A and B on a standard 360 controller. I used this for a bit and I rather enjoyed the ability to play one handed while drinking, but for… um… “serious” Divekick play, I still prefer the stick.

I’m sure lots of Steam players are using the keyboard, what keys are you guys using?

I theorize it’s possible, though I haven’t tried yet, to play the game with just a mouse using right and left click. Has anybody done this yet?


I use my TE stick, and X and O for dive and kick, respectively.


I’m playing on steam with a PS2 controller.


steam - PC player here, I use down arrow and right arrow on the keyboard.


PC player: left shift and right shift

If I use a stick for local MP, A and RT (furthest buttons)


Pretty much this. Left and right shift made the most sense to me. I’ve a buddy that uses A and S, he’s gonna have a hell of a time on a kickbox when the time comes.


keyboard: AS on the left, and 45 pad on the right.


Have it for PS3 and at the moment using X & O buttons.


I use an XBOX controller on my PC, and use the RB+LB buttons. Seems to work better than the RT+LT buttons did.