Preferred side...



Anybody else have this problem? My execution is near perfect on 2p side but it blows on 1p side… making SA2 unblockables very difficult. I’m practicing as much as I can to get the chicken combo and other tactics down on 1p side but during a match I always make sure I’m on my preferred side. Fortunately, Oro pretty much can control where the match takes place because of his great pokes and baits… but against other turtle characters… :wasted: Anybody else have this problem? Or do they have a preferred side?


Oro is a pretty execution heavy character. I would really suggest just constantly working on 1p side untill you get it.

Although I slightly prefer 1p side over 2p, it really doesn’t make a difference in my game.


^I play both sides no problem at all. Definately get use to both, in tourny situations there not a choice at times.


I had your problem, I figured out a way to execute my unblockables flawlessly from both sides. Try doing qcf once, bring it to neutral before doing your close mp, and then after the close mp do your second qcf.p.