Preferred SSFIV AE Locations! (Another AE Thread)


Hey so most threads about AE have been directed to iPLAYWINNER for info on which arcades in NorCal are getting it.

We know the locations, so where are people going to be playing? Assuming southbay is getting AE at 2 locations (MGL and SVGL) which one is going to be more/less packed? Will one become the scrub spot and one the pro spot? Any rivals going to be fighting for cab dominance? (lol)

Post up and share where you’re gonna be.

Also MGL will be open on Christmas Day (and Eve) as they are every year. So all you suckers out there with no friends or family, Gief will be available for hugs at MGL. :confused:


Currently for me in Sacramento, UCD (if they will have em).

I might get an internship for Whiskey Media at San Francisco soon so I can travel to where it’s available in the Bay.


Jesse and I will be going to MGL.


Probably gonna hit up mgl more often just because I never go to Sunnyvale for anything. But we’ll see.


I will mostly be at SVGL just because it’s closer to me.


Rom and I work like 3 minutes away from MGL so I’ll probably be hitting it up more often. I can’t see myself there Friday or the weekends though.


I think we need more cabs but not to many. like 2 arcades per County maybe should have it. If to many have it then thats all bad…