Preferred ST Joystick?


Just curious about your guys’ joystick preferences. I’ve been rocking a modded JLF (thicker actuator to cut down on travel) for a few years and am considering trying a Seimitsu or Hori Hayabusa for tighter/quicker inputs (lulz). I have limited experience with the Seimitsu LS-32-01 and liked it except for the gate bending action when I hang on a corner.


I use a Seimitsu LS 32 with round gate, cuz i cant do walk in SPDs on square gate… I used a JLF with octagonal gate for like a year, it was ok, but when i switched for the LS 32, man… what a difference! Never going back to sanwa.


Yeah, walk up SPDs are pretty damn hard on my sanwa. I figured a LS-32 would help my Hawk play immensely.


Not a joystick but I use a Madcatz Fightpad (the Street Fighter x Tekken ones).


stay with japanese standar. 6 button astro city layout, ls32 and sanwa buttons.


I used a lot of sticks and pads , I can suggest snopy at-0266 , its easy to use


I stick with standard Sanwa JLF + Sanwa buttons just because it’s the de facto standard. Nothing worse than showing up to a tourney or casual event without your stick, and being unable to play because you’re personally used to exotic setups.

Seimitsu LS-32 is quite nice as well, but it does take some time to adjust to the shorter throw. Great stick though, especially for older SF games.

My preference is a Qanba Q4RAF/Eightarc stick though, as I think the case is extremely well-balanced and sturdy. I was surprised to find that the case the parts are in makes a BIG difference as to how they feel.


I’m the ugly ducking.

Myoungshin Fanta + Crown 203A buttons.

Looking at building a new stick with a Crown CWJ-303N + HBFS buttons though. Not sure if I will use that on all games yet though.


Trying out a Hayabusa with the Kuro buttons right now. I’m so used to the light touch you can get away with on sanwa that it’s really difficult to get a handle on the tougher Kuro buttons. Hayabusa is a little different from JLF. Mostly with my SPD timing with Hawk. Can’t decide if I like it better than the JLF yet.


Been using a sanwa set up for 5 years and still have trouble adjusting to it. It is sensitive as hell opposed to my happ competition and korean omni sticks I’ve used for ages.
Never tried siemitsu. curious about it.


Yeah, learning to use Japanese is something you have to develop a touch for. You have to be very gentle and deliberate with your motions, whereas you can usually hamfist your motions on American-style parts.

Seimitsu is very odd. I think Seimitsu is definitely the stick of choice for less lenient, strict, old school fighting games, but does take a bit of adjustment to get used to the very short throw distance.


My god sanwas are too sensitive :frowning: how did the American pros adjust to it fluidly?..

Anyone use the Hayabusa stick?

Solid price at $165 and triple compatible with ps3, ps4, and pc.

Btw, happy ID4 ST forum.


They didn’t. Most American pros are still used to American parts, but just play on Japan because it’s the new standard. Valle is an exception, but it’s a rare occurrence. Choi and Watson both still prefer American parts on cabs.

I played around with a Hayabusa recently. Really nice, high quality stick. The stick itself feels like a slight improvement over a JLF. The Kuro buttons had a mixed reception though. Some poeple like it, some people don’t. They definitely feel a bit different, but can’t honestly say that it’s better or worse than Sanwa or Seimitsu.

Once you learn to use a more fluid, light touch, style of manipulating the sticks and buttons, Japanese parts will feel like butter.


Nice to hear happ sticks are still favorable! All I see around here in the upper east of you guys is JP sticks at tournaments. Not even Korean sticks with the occasional Qanba sticks. I hate this stressful shitty city. Admittedly I envy you Californians.

The hayabusas sound interesting. I desire the borderline stick between Happ and Seimitsu/Sanwa.


Well, a problem is that the quality of HAPPs have gone down the toilet since they use Chinese-made parts. iL is the way to go for American-style controls (made by Europeans).

Personally, the Wico360s are the perfect American parts. Unfortunately, they’re out of production, and pretty rare to find working ones anywhere. The lack of available, quality American parts, is what I think contributed to the increased use of Japanese parts, as well as the notoriety of Japanese players over the past several years.

Korean sticks are terrible. Tekken players really enjoy using them for their precise, quick, directional inputs, but feels very sluggish for circular or uppercut motions. I don’t know how guys like Laugh and Infiltration use them for SF.

If you want something closer between a HAPP and a Japanese stick, you can try modding them. They have adapters so you can use a bat top with them, circle gates, and stiffer springs. They’ll never feel quite the same as an original HAPP, but you might find a happy compromise there if you’re willing to experiment with different parts.


Tekken players really should just move on to a hitbox layout. That would be perfect for them.

I’ve used everything under the sun except a WICO P360. I would like to try one, one day, but it’s not at the top of my to-do list.

If you want to get used to the ST standard in Japan, then LS-32 and Sanwa buttons on Astro layout. If you want to be able to go to a tournament and play on anyone’s stick regardless of where you are, Sanwa JLF + OBSF buttons. If you can adapt, play on whatever feels best to you, as long as in the event your stick doesn’t work at a tournament you can play on something more mass produced.

Right now my favorite stock levers are JLW and LS-40. Hayabusa can be a really good lever if you mod it, but then so can a number of other sticks. LS-32 and LS-5x series sticks are all shit pretty much. Both have awful pivot designs making them a drag to play on. JLW is smooth as butter and good tension, if you like the older arcade days it may be more to your liking. LS-40 is a good lever with an excellent pivot and quick action, a good deal better than the LS-32, yet should be familiar enough that people who play on both can swap between them.

iL’s Eurojoystick is an excellent stick, but has drawbacks such as no corners like Japanese sticks. It has more deflection but you can use that to your advantage if you know how to flick the stick. You can do 720 flicks with it and use the deflection to help ease an otherwise difficult move to pull off. The Eurojoystick is pretty fast, too, and if it wasn’t so damn bulky, have a dumb actuator, and had good corners, it would probably be my stick of choice.


So far I’m getting the hang of it on the sanwa stick using charge characters.


And I did, and am essentially using that for all games without much issue.

Feels as comfortable as my Myoungshin. Start is on the front of the case, makes it harder (but still doable) to select old characters, but it’s fine for me.


Why would you need a start button to pick old characters?


Hyper SF2?