Preferred Super Turbo region?

Is there a preferred region of the ST CPS2 board? I am aware of the differences between the Japanese and US boards (dizzies, character names, etc). I was just curious if one region was played in tournaments and another wasn’t. I am planning on buying the board and using it for tournaments. I just want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks for the info!

We typically play on whatever hardware is available. Can’t be too picky when there’s relatively low availability for ST boards depending on your region.

For the sake of consistency, we typically play on Japanese Speed 3. If you have a US board, the equivalent is speed 2.

If you plan on playing emulated versions of ST on a pc or laptop, there are additional settings to help further mimic arcade settings via adjusting settings on the emulator.


I see. I guess it really doesn’t matter which region. I just wanted to makes players didn’t only play the JP board or vice versa.

As long as you have the correct speed for the version that you have, it’s all good.

Yeah the color of the board doesn’t really matter as long as the speed is standardized. I think you’ll find most people have the green board because it’s the most common, but some OGs (or people with more money to burn) will have blue boards, and I’ve seen a few greys in my time.

JP board, it has Gief insta dizzy

On a move that may have the lowest success rate of any attack to land in the game.

He needs it though. It was the original reason why I preferred the JP board over USA. The match from my point of view (chun) was too easy. The match is still easy, when gief has the insta dizzy, but it requires much more concentration and you have to be much more on point when one random gief splash can potentially lose the game for you when he has super. much like the hawk match: one knockdown and you’re screwed against a good hawk.

now though the other reason, Is that for tournaments I would prefer the JP board too because of the o honda freeze glitch ocurring randomly on a throw on the US board.

casuals though I think it’s neat and bugs like that are part of the hardcore retro arcade.

same deal with gief’s magic SPD on the world version of ST.

magic SPD?

what is considered the most recent “Revision” I noticed the DC port lists february and may. was USA board released last? EDIT: okay so i just realized those numbers on bootup are the date. it appears the usa board was released march while the world and jp versions were released feb, are there other revisions?

This only means something when it comes to the same region. The Japanese version has always been up to date, while others were based on previous Japanese versions. The original game, the one the developers were working on, have always been the Japanese version. More features, less bugs, etc.

Well it would seem to me USA is obviously based off JP, and it has the addition of free play and gief insta dizzy hit is gone, whether that was a bug or not i don’t know. has anyone ever seen a JP board with native free play, etc? I’d like to know which version the dreamcast refers to when it references the date 05/29 EDIT: there appears to be two versions of the USA board, 940223 and 940323

You can technically glitch free-play into the jp version with a phoenix board. As far as I know, here are the main differences between boards:

Jap: Japanese text, no free-play, gief insta-dizzy neutral jump headbutt, Turbo 3 default
USA: English text, free-play, old honda throw glitch, Turbo 2 default
ETC/World: English text, free-play, old Gief Roundhouse SPD glitch, Turbo 2 default
Hispanic: ???
Phoenix’ed with Razoola rom: English text, free-play, likely has old honda throw glitch. No known gameplay difference between Razoola hack and US ST roms.

I’ve heard a few people claim that the jp version has more even stage speed and reliable dizzy combos, but I’ve never seen it proven.

yeah I recall something about dizzies being easier/occur more often on jp, not sure how true that is. I also heard that stage speed was an emu only thing as well

can anyone elaborate on this o honda bug for usa

Check last page of honda thread: Honda thread

I’ve heard reports about the phoenixed rom freezing during attract mode. Not sure on the validity of that.

If that’s the only thing wrong then it’s not that big of an issue. But yeah could point to other things