Prehacked 360 pads

Hey, so I got a 360 pad and hacked it today. It wasn’t quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be although I still need to test it.

Anyways, I’m just probing for interest. Who here is interested in prehacked 360 PCBs and how much would you be willing to pay for them. Both wireless and wired.

Also, don’t expect me to actually be selling these for a while.

i think that goes here

I’m not selling anything yet though so this is probably the best place. It’s not too important anyways.

oh alright my bad:looney:

There’s a good boy :).

I’d probably get a wireless one.

I mean, the wired MadCatz Gamestop pad is mad easy to hack. So the wireless one would probably be a good thing, though, I’d rather just see a step by step tutorial rather than buy one. :bgrin:

But yeah I’d probably buy one.

I’d be interested as well since you were a great seller. (By the way the pcb came in and the packaging was great. :tup:)

you have a PM. Hit me back

Good to hear tetsuosan.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to hack a 360 pad but probably not any time soon. Also it’ll be on my own effing google ads sponsored site >:D. Maybe I’ll make 5 dollars from ads Woo!

Guys, what I’m asking for here is how much you’ll pay. I’m kinda expecting a lot from these because 1. 360 pads aren’t cheap, and 2. they’re a lot more annoying to hack than third party PSX pads.

For what it’s worth, I offered a hacked Madcatz x360 pcb for sale for $40 shipped and it took a bit of time to sell. But then again, maybe it’s me cos I offered some hacked official Sony brand pcb for $20 shipped and they were hard to sell. Both of which I thought were fair prices. Either people don’t like my work or don’t trust me, hope you get better luck with your sales.

those prices sound fair to me, providing they are done right.